Is any breath a bad breath?

I mean, if we’re breathing it must be all good, right? For the most part that’s true but until you allow your body to compose itself into an unmuddled, unstressed, un-desk-all-day mode you aren’t taking a full breath. At this very moment, your head and neck are probably out of line with your spine and core and the air you’re taking in doesn’t make it to where you really need it.

For those of you that practice yoga, you probably realize that you need to allow the root of your neck to support your head from it’s natural position. No, it’s natural position is not forward of your body, hunched over your keyboard or holding your mobile phone between your ear and shoulder. The root of your neck is down a bit deeper than most expect, between your shoulder joints…further down from where your neck attaches to your collar bone. When I locate the energy-source that is the root of my neck I almost instantly feel a release of tension. At this point, drop your chin slightly and allow your chest to open, fillng your heart center with gentle energy.

Now take a breath, and make it a good one.

Allow the fresh air to fall down into your heart center and onward to your belly. From this position you’ll be able to feel an almost tube-like flow.

And guess what. Those extended exhalations that offer so much grounding are much more satisfiying without the pressure of your rib cage rushing the process.

Today I ask that you take a few moments to allow this alignment to take priority over your daily round. Allow this practice to meld into your day and let the good breath flow.

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