Ridge View Winery


The vines at Ridge View Winery

I’ve got a winery recommendation, a local place for those of you from central Illinois.  Ridge View Winery is tempting not only for tasty wine, but also the setting:

The terrain surrounding our location has variations of as much as 230 feet from ridge tops to the creeks below. This provides a natural sanctuary for wildlife that boasts some of the state’s highest populations of deer and wild turkey. The “360 degree view” from here at the Ridge View Winery features heavily wooded ravines and valleys, magnificent stands of oak, maple and cedar, and grassy meadows from Thoreau’s idyllic Walden.

They offer reds and whites.  I’ve enjoyed several bottles and particulary relished the Norton, a dry red blend described as young and spicy.  The owner, Larry, poured himself a drink and gave us an on-the-spot tour during our visit.  Live music and light snacks are often offered to folks who stop in for a tasting or an event.

For more information, or to order online, visit www.ridgeviewwinery.com.

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