Wendell Berry on Speaking of Faith

We picked our first zucchini and summer squash last week.  I checked them – still on the vine -on Friday and could tell that had a little bit to go.  The weekend promised sun and a lot of heat and I told my husband that they’d be ready for harvest by Sunday, ready for dinner before we’d have the table set.

He commented that these things take time, and while I agreed, I was pleased to find them ready to harvest, as I expected, on Sunday.  Even processes and activities that take time go fast,  too fast as parents will often tell you.  Thoughts of the produce, quitetly growing under their cover of giant leaves, soothed me through the weekend.

The harvest got me in the mood for a person-land connection and I found a real treat on the Speaking of Faith website: Life, Land and the Poetry of Creatures.  The segment, which you can listen to online or download, features Wendell Berry’s comments on the poetry of the land.  The real find is Mr. Berry’s recitation of his poems, which just lift you off your seat and bring to you the still quiet of a evening on the farm.

Pause long enough to enjoy this.

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