A to Z Blogging Challenge

April 1: A

April 2: B

April 3: C

Today, April 4: D

Alright, I messed up.  But it’s no surprise I’m three days behind.  I’m three days behind on a lot of things…My family and I are in the midst of a cross-state relocation (said state being Illinois, admittedly a flawed place at times).  My husband is our pioneer, having gone ahead to establish our new home and also (this bit is probably important) to work at his new job.  Meanwhile, I’m blogging A to Z with a few littles (aged 8 and under) in an old farmhouse for sale (aged 150).  It’s an interesting time for me, a time that invites a little creativity and a few extra written words.  And I promise they won’t be complaints.

These changes purify you.

These changes  awaken awareness.

These changes allow for new life to pop up through cracks that you never knew were there.  Yes, you knew there were cracks (there always are) but you didn’t know the shape of things until now.  So, back to the basics: A to Z.

A: Awareness.  The end of all suffering, the beauty of joy.

B: Begin. and begin. and begin.  Welcoming the new and honoring the old (which was, once, new too) which are simply beginnings.

C: Calm.  I’ll say that one again and leave it out there to dry. Calm.

D: Don’t Ask.  Don’t ask to know what will happen next.  Don’t ask to understand.  Don’t ask for more than you need.


See ya around.  Meet me at E.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruby Young says:

    Hi, Wow! What an interesting thing it must be to live in a 150 year old farmhouse! I’ll bet it is beautiful there right now. Are you happy to be making the move? How do the children feel about it? I’ll bet they are excited (especially the 6 year old. )
    I wish you all well. I have a grandson who lives in Illinois and is a pastor there.


  2. This is an interesting blogging challenge! I hope all goes well with your move!


  3. Jill Barth says:

    Hi Ruby and Jaime — Thanks for reading, and thanks for your kind words.


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