G: Gardening, Growing, Green.

A growing garden is close to my heart (nestled right in there, actually). We’re normally plotting and planting our organic herb and vegetable garden in early spring. With our upcoming move, we’re doing bits-and-pieces rather than a full-on harvesting plan. We’ve got some windowsill herbs, some perennials that are already showing some life, and an asparagus bed.  This year happens to be the year the asparagus bed reaches maturity.  There are already tender nubs of dark purple asparagus peeking out from the damp soil.  I was surprised by that color, but that’s nature: a closer look will always teach you something.

Gardening is a practice in trust.  It’s gonna grow, it really is.  Sometimes with very little attention from the gardener if the plant is aligned with its environment.  My cornflowers and native grasses and oregano will help themselves to life in their little bit of Earth.  I’ll do nothing but honor them and nature will take care of the rest.  I’ll be the beneficiary of this blessing; the lovely sight and scent of these plants is calming and wonderful.

I’ll be watching closely as my basil (growing on the kitchen counter in a green earthenware pot) pushes the tiniest shoots up into the word.  They’ll start out delicate, just a sweet yawn from the damp potting soil, but soon they’ll be as fragrant and tall as a summer’s day.  Patience will be rewarded.  As it always is.

One thought on “G: Gardening, Growing, Green.

  1. Hi, I enjoyed the gardening post immensely! I am planning to plant some flowers in my front yard soon, where I am having hedges removed tomorrow. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by to visit with an old lady.


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