Any Irish Readers?

Ireland.  One of my favorite places.  The whole island in general, and Donegal in particular.  Donegal is a northwestern county, somewhat rural and very lovely.  My husband and I spent our honeymoon there and I still hear the giant shhhh of the Atlantic outside our cottage window.  Sure and strong.  Close to God and nature and a reminder of the balance of Earth.

The tallest sea cliffs in Europe, Slieve League, are located in Donegal.  Vertigo-roads and wayward sheep are touchstones for me, recalling the view from up-top.  The Atlantic roaring and splashing below, at once hungry and perfectly satisfied.  Ready to gobble us in her spray but also unconcerned – we could wither away and that sea would still roil by her own larger-than-life rhythm.

Coastal and isolated (in places), Ireland is blessed to be emerged in God’s creation, the powerful sea.  Worth a trip (or three) for sure.


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