Key to An Unknown Door

You want to know what happens next.  You’d feel a lot better if you just knew it would work out.

You’d feel a lot better if you knew that all this was going to be OK, right?  You’ll accept the walk down the long hallway if you can see the door at the end.  But what if the key you have unlocks a different door, a door you can’t see?  Are you planning, pining, worrying about a door that isn’t your door?  Think this over:

What if your door doesn’t even exist yet?

What if your door is still a tree, hasn’t even been created yet?

That’s fine, that’s more than fine.  You don’t need to jingle those keys impatiently.  Walk calm.  Step with awareness. Open your eyes, and quiet your mind.  This is your door, this step.  The next step will be a new door.  If each step does, indeed, lead you to the end of a hallway then knock gently, don’t look back.

What’s there when you turn the key?  What’s behind the unknown door?


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