Ask yourself the following question:
Why am I doing this?

Don’t expect a dazzling answer, but do expect an answer. Every action has a motivation. It might not be obvious, but there’s a reason beneath all.  It may seem that you’re going through your days blindly, or led by obligation….but this simply isn’t true on the deepest level.  You’re motivated. 

Ok, it’s true…some motivations aren’t fun. They aren’t packed with they typical powerful connotations.  There’s no cheering crowd, no pumping fists, no push to the finish line.  The means and the end may be so simple, or so irritating or so unpleasant that you don’t feel enthused at all.  Remember, enthused and motivated aren’t the same thing.  Each action in your life, however, should be recognized.  Understand the importance of what fills your day.  Be aware that your performance in each activity should be mindful and should match your motivation.

Cleaning mud from the bottom of your shoe, for example, might leave you wondering “Why is my life like this?” — it’s unpleasant.  But you want a clean shoe, so you must clean.  One scrape at a time until you’ve got a clean shoe.  One scrape at a time until you can take your next step.

A new monk went to the Master and said, “I have just entered the monastery: please give me some guidance.”

The master asked, “Have you eaten your rice gruel?”

“Yes I have eaten”, the novice answered.

“Then go wash your bowl,” the master advised. 

– Zen saying


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