Climate Change Talks. Or: there’s a lot of work to do.

I’ve got a new piece up over at elephant journal.  It’s a call to attention to the big (massive) climate talks taking place way around the world in Durban, South Africa. It’s a place I’ve never visited, a meeting I’ve never attended. But, well — does it have to be about me?  That’s the crux of it…To be clear, there’s so much to talk about it can seem slippery.  And do I really want to know how much is  asked of the collective Us? I do.  The collective Us is small: my family of five. And big: my country of over 312 million. And massive: all the people on Earth…nearly Seven Billion.

If you have a moment, do as I did: grab a cup of freshly ground (hot) coffee and decide you’ll read into this.  Clicky here. Don’t forget we’re all connected.

So be sure you make the coffee bold; I like it that way. Since we’re connected and all.


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