I know we live in a Pintrest/Facebook/I *heart* this world…we all gotta share our crushes and obsessions.

I’ll try my hand.  It’s open wide and offering these exciting bits:

RTÉ Player. For person with severe Irish longings it’s really something to know I can put on the kettle and catch up with the shows I’ve “missed”.   There is a self-portrait of Sylvia Beach that’s available now.  Sylvia Beach on James Joyce. I’m totally in.

Nourishing Our Children: I’d love to see this in full, but I don’t own the DVDs (yet).  A bit of the presentation is available on YouTube, and it got my attention. They website’s full of resources and freebies. They ask a question and unravel answers.

Consider this question – Can we be well fed but malnourished?

The World’s Best Ethical Destinations: Hell yeah, I want these trips. You’ve got to check out how they create the list and what’s being considered in the travel plans. (And for those of you who know who you are no, slot machine to human ratio is not a consideration.)

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