Bird’s Beak Roundup: Seven Days, One List.


There should be less talk; a preaching is not a meeting point. What do you do then? Take a broom and clean someone’s house. That says enough.

~ Mother Theresa



As green editor for elephant journal, I brush into l o t s of ecological inspiration. Some days I’ve go so many bookmarks, sticky notes and internet tabs open that I have to begin fresh, make notes and get back to the start.

This is all very, very exciting.

Why? Because there are floods of folks operating under an eco-mind. They are sharing their ideas, words and pictures freely. There is conversation, commerce and community leaning into Earth-wise action.  When I started as  green editor I felt a focus on strictly traditional ‘green’ ideas (you know: hybrid cars, solar power, carbon footprint).  And, now don’t get me wrong friend, I read and promote a good deal of these topics and contend they are covered by writers for many quite valid reasons. There are issues that are so deeply rooted into our complex degradation of Earth that they will remain in sharp focus.

I also found a lot of what seems to me as fluff: more on reusable bags (and the germs they carry), and more on greenwashed attempts to sell sustainability (and the child labor forces behind them) and the general theme that using plastics is just fine as long as you recycle (and the webby hierarchy of recycling and what happens to plastics that never see a bin).

But (deep breath of inspiration here) I found so much more: spirited actions that fall gently around the label of green in such a way that they seems to transcend what the American consumer (and not only Americans, I work with French and Irish writers too, and this applies all over our globe) has accepted as green.

It’s lovely and surprising and refreshing…it’s got me believing that we can converse enthusiastically about what’s next for our Earth. It’s got me understanding that we don’t need to label ourselves and others in order to be mindfully green. It’s got me realizing, though, that our next steps can’t be baby steps.  This is full-on outside-the-box acceptance that it’s time for a right turn out of history and rhetoric and dogma into what can be a celebration of the meeting of Earth with the human mind, and human hand. It’s ecologically mindful and grounded and authentic.

I’m offering you this: A weekly Bird’s-Beak Roundup of what’s moving me.

Starting here, with what we’ve got up at elephant journal* this week:

Tips on Starting a Sustainable Business.

We Need to Make Plastic Socially Unacceptable.

Gary Snyder: The Practice of the Wild.

Factory Farming is Dying Fast.

And also, a few lovlies published elsewhere:

Gleaning for the Greater Good.

Tiny House Summer Camp.

SIPing the Good Life, Part 1.

Susan Cosier.

*Shut-the-front door! You aren’t reading elephant journal? Get this: its’s all mindful, I N D I E writing. I won’t spoil it for you, but you’re gonna love it. Start with the green section, but get a cup of coffee first, because you’ll be clicking about like wild.


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  1. wonderful post. I just read a few articles over at elephant journal. good reading. thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Jill Barth says:

      Thank you! So pleased you enjoyed the words.


    2. Jill Barth says:

      Thanks for joining me!


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