What needs to happen today?

There’s something on your mind today.

Something you feel you must deal with. Does it scare you? Worry you? Make you feel itchy-screamy? Is it something you blame?

Let it go. No, don’t ignore it/delegate it/yank it. Just accept it. Accept that it’s there. Accept that it doesn’t man your vehicle. It’s a passenger, one you can drop off at any time when it’s done reading the map. Goodbye. And while you’re in there with it, accept it. But don’t let it grab the wheel and pull you helter-skelter into the fast lane. Accept it. And know that you don’t deserve its distraction (or pain, or lack-influence or it’s worry).

Close your eyes. Hand over heart and let it go. Don’t know how to do it? You don’t have time?

You know how to do it, your true state is peace.

You do have time. It can be one little-minute. Yes, you can let go from¬†your desk,¬†while changing the baby, while cutting a steak. Let it go. Understand something better (yummy & fun) is on it’s way.

You deserve it. You. Just the way you are, even with all you’ve done and all that’s happened to you.

Get by with a little help from our friends: Earth School, Panache Desai, Brad Yates.

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