Appreciating wine history turns wine drinkers to wine lovers.

One of the pleasures of French life is finding renewed enjoyment in a lovely bottle of wine. Toasting a remarkable glass of French wine with loved ones is a most desirable experience, but knowing the history of the wine elevates the moment … visit The Good Life France for the full article.

I’m delighted to be a new contributor to The Good Life France.  I have an inspire-crush on this publication, checking it out daily (sometimes more) since I discovered it. The Good Life France is an independent on line magazine about France and all things French.

So, you know, I’m not French…Je suis Américain. But several of my characters are French and so I’ve spent the better part of a decade writing from the French point of view. I’ve also put many-many hours into researching French wine history, particularly in relation to the second World War, when France’s wine losses hold countless stories. More to come on this, as I’m about to complete the first draft of a novel on this topic. (What a feeling, lemme tell you.)

So, I’ve got a few loved ones in France, even though they lived there over half-a-century ago and only in my imagination (and, hopefully, they’ll soon be new friends in your imagination)…

A few interesting bits to get you in the mood (but I betcha you were already in the mood):

A French Winery during World War II.  Domaine Guiberteau during the occupation.

Life is rosé for Expats in Cotignac Provence.

Everything you need to know about French rosé wine.

The fleeting moments of a magical trip through Provence. (From thirdeyemom, the photographer behind the tremendous pictures included in my new article>

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