A Message from The Universe Regarding Your Account.

This is a message from The Universe regarding your account.


Because you are a current resident of the Pale Blue Dot (see below for details),  a deposit will be made in your name. When you wake tomorrow, a fresh year will be in the bank, reserved for you. As always, the benefits of the year will include the following:

The ability to take a deep breath. Unlimited, though average daily use is about 20,000 of these.

The opportunity to learn something new. It’s come to our attention that past confusion caused some of you to believe it was too late to take advantage of this feature of your account. We’ve installed new functions to remind you that indeed, the opportunity-to-learn feature is available to you at all times, in any instance. Reminders include: used book stores, people speaking in foreign languages and that pile of stuff you’ve been saving in your basement.

Harmonious forgiveness. Again, our users have misunderstood the simplicity of this feature. It’s a free gift, included with your existence and activation of Forgiveness does not depend on others’ behavior. The Universe has about 8 billion users, each entitled to Harmonious Forgiveness.  How others manage their Forgiveness supply is not of your concern, the system is not set to handle any type of codependency. Harmonious Forgiveness can be applied internally or externally. For more information, please visit Regret, Mistakes, Misunderstandings and Victimhood — we are deep-cleaning those departments and have plans to use the repurposed energy to supply your Yoga class, next-year’s Mediterranean Cruise and your son’s First Day of Kindergarten.

Acceptance, Letting-go and Letting-be. Upon deposit of the fresh year, you’ll notice that The Pale Blue Dot is a terrifyingly beautiful place. In the past, some of our members have pulled out highlighting pens and made neon the sub-sections entitled Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Stress, Disease and Terror. This year we will no longer allow this narrow focus. Because it’s our intent to encourage Abundance, Prosperity, Happiness, Creativity, Courage and Strength we are upgrading your ability to Accept and Let-go. We understand that you may not be accustomed to navigating these features, so we’ve installed new inspirational touchstones which can be found in The Stars, New Moons, Baby Laughs, Wine Glasses, Really Great Books, and Beatles Songs. May also be found on Nature Trails, Surfboards, Road Trips and Stage Performances with Jazz Hands.

We’d like to draw your attention to the reason that you’ve been included on The Pale Blue Dot. It might startle you to discover that your account is very full. While it’s bursting at the seams (You should see this from the Main Office. 8 billion bulging accounts: the wow-factor is sublime) there is still room for more, so scoot over and accept it.

The reason, friends, is Love.

Even if you’ve exhausted yourself ignoring it, (yes, we see you grumping over the laundry while Love is right there in her Violet Dress waiting for a kiss) it’s there. The miracle of love has mind-changing, body-altering, idea-spawning powers. While The Universe will continue to deposit Love, it’s in your best interest to circulate it. Love remains included in your membership when you leave the Pale Blue Dot and can be exchanged energetically in the Heavens and Cosmos.

To check the status of your account  tomorrow, think of what you love and who you love. Consider what you want to do, how you want to feel, what’s out there to see. Don’t be confused if the new features of your account aren’t immediately clear: this isn’t a mistake. Some features are activated through daily living. This dissonance can be cleared by Doing The Thing or Following Your Bliss. Apply faith and trust and all will become clear. Hugs and kisses help, but aren’t required; there may be things you must do alone.

That’s all for now. Goodnight and Joy Be To You All.


2 thoughts on “A Message from The Universe Regarding Your Account.

    1. Yes, Issac, I agree. He has such enthusiasm that it makes mind-blowing topics seem touchable. Looking back at Earth in the same way we look out at stars…does it get any more fantastic than that? It’s like we are *all* tucked in for now, our little nap together on Earth. Thanks for reading & commenting.


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