Flow State. (Quick, what’s the capital…?)

Well this is interesting.

Infographics abound,  and sometimes they are too patchy…this+that gatherings to prove a point. But this is neat. I’m hearing more & more about the flow state.  Is it something we can perpetually create or are afternoons of flow given to us as gifts?

I’ve always thought of flow as “creative lightness”. I’ve always wanted to extend the lightness outward, along the seams of daily life. This seems to suggest it can be cultivated.  Yes, I agree.

Maybe if we dialed down stress by authentically, fiercely giving ourselves to permission this state of bliss-flow could flourish.  Can it be achieved while doing anything? Yes, even that job you hate. Imagine.

Please include attribution to http://mindvalleyacademy.com with this graphic.

The Theory of Awesomeness Infographic


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