My fiction featured on NPR {Spooky Halloween Story}

This week my short story, Missing Meredith, was featured on NPR as a part of a collection of spooky stories for Halloween. Haunting bits, read by the author, to get listeners into the spirit of scary.

What fun, better than a Reese pumpkin.  I feel like I should vampire-voice my double-dare to look behind you for things that go bump in the night….

So, go ahead, click… but I wouldn’t go in there alone.  Especially if you are wearing a cheerleader uniform and your boyfriend just went out for pizzas and the basement is dark and the thunderbolt just threw out the power… unless you are that person please enjoy freely with a simple click, with which you consent to mass hauntings:

Missing Meredith (You’d kidnap her too if you had a getway car.)

Yellow ford

2 thoughts on “My fiction featured on NPR {Spooky Halloween Story}

    1. Sure would, Lynn! You know we Divas stick together!
      Looks as if you’ve been busy doing awesome things over there…

      Email me with what you are looking for and we’ll connect. Thanks!


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