Five Golden Rings (or a divine bottle of bubbly)…



{Day 5}

Paring wine with food…

How a food is seasoned & prepared can influence it’s harmony with wine. While it’s always a splendid idea to drink what you like, if you feel inclined to intentionally pair your wine with your meal take note:

— Dry wine doesn’t play well with sweet foods.

— Choose a wine with a similar flavor footprint as the meal, delicate with delicate or intense with intense.

— Browned foods (grilled or roasted) have a toasty resemblance to oaked wines.

— Big fat colors go well with big fat flavors. Wispy colors go well with wispy flavors.

— Be willing to be surprised. Don’t take it so seriously that the thrill is gone. It’s a beautiful world of variants… enjoy it.


2 Comments Add yours

    1. Jill Barth says:

      Thank you! Hopefully some lively fun wine is in your holiday plans!


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