2015 unfolds… it seems to open up just for me. Here’s January! You want another one? Here’s February! It’s delightful; it makes me hungry. Lots of great things building in these stacks on my desk. My novel first draft is headed out be edited, so that’s where my head and heart are at. Also, meet me here for upcoming pieces on What I Learned About Wine from Drinking with French People, A Road Trip Through France, Winemaker Profiles, and this list goes on…

Sometimes I feel like I just met my desk, my computer, my notebooks… like it’s my first fancy date with my novel, my projects, my pictures… like maybe love is in the air this time of year when it comes to Doing the Thing. Have you heard that? Just Do the Thing. It’s like wash bowls, carry wood. There’s something heart-balancing that comes from work we love.

I’m sharing the love with you, and I hope you’ll share it too (but remember, this stuff spreads).

What’s the work-love of your life doing to you these days? Where are your heart and head?


2 thoughts on “L’occasion

  1. Great questions today! My heart is working out for baby and wondering about two souls managing a new person in the house. My head is everywhere, thinking, running, bustling, doing yet smiling.


    1. Doing the Thing + Smiling. That’s even better.

      Three is fun. You’ll find it’s a great fit. Did we ever think it could be this fortunate?


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