An afternoon in Eygalières, Provence {picture tour}

Take careful steps, enjoy the moment. Beautiful, ancient, earthbound, desirable. I can’t imagine spending the stroll with anyone but my husband…for romantic reasons, definitely…but also because I can turn, at any moment, to my lifelong partner and say,

“Remember our afternoon in Eygalières?”

And I’ll know that he understands  deeply & we can dip into the memory together. It’s the most silky thing a couple can share: a succulent memory.






2 thoughts on “An afternoon in Eygalières, Provence {picture tour}

  1. A famous place, realy Provence ! In the past, my friends Pézeril had the “Auberge Provençale”, in Eygalières (my favorite hôtel-restaurant in the region – now private). Souvenirs, souvenirs !…
    Pierre Schott


    1. How wonderful! These memories. I’m certain you ate & drank well a la Augerge Provençal! I’d love to stay a week or two in Eygalières !

      Thanks for your comment!


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