An Afternoon in Provence {Picture Tour}

The world is full of gorgeous places, but a top experience for me is an afternoon in Provence. The weather there this month has been lovely; pools are open and some people have even dipped a toe into the sea. The blooms are outstanding, the air is fresh and the rosé is chilled.

“We had been here often before as tourists, desperate for our annual ration of two or three weeks of true heat and sharp light. Always when we left, with peeling noses and regret, we promised ourselves that one day we would live here. We had talked about it during the long gray winters and the damp green summers, looked with an addict’s longing at photographs of village markets and vineyards, dreamed of being woken up by the sun slanting through the bedroom window.”
~Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence


The marvelous Château des Alpilles in St. Remy-de-Provence

The marvelous Château des Alpilles in St. Remy-de-Provence


The grounds under sparking sunlight at Château des Alpilles.


La piscine at Château des Alpilles. If you have an “Ahhh!” now is the time to utter it.


More gorgeous, the allee at Château des Alpilles.


A perfectly iced bottle of Cuvée du Bâtonnier Rosé from Domaine Valdition, which is just down the road. We had a second and third bottle of this by the time our stay was complete.


Contrast of sun, sky and stone at Les Baux de Provence.


Les Baux de Provence. That sun! That sky!




6 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Provence {Picture Tour}

  1. Even though I live so close, I’ve never been to the Chateau des Alpilles. I heard the restaurant was good. We’ve moved to France ( a Canadian and a Brit) dreaming of sun and rosé. It isn’t easy moving to a new country but I have to admit all the French paperwork and lack of funds are worth it!

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    1. I’m sure life is different in many ways now. It’s certainly a transition to relocate internationally.

      Treat yourself to Château des Alpilles– it’s a wonderful place…so curated & deliberately crafted. It’s truly one of my favorite places.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!


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