{An Afternoon in Paris: Pic Tour}


An afternoon in Paris.

A spring afternoon, in Paris.

A spring afternoon, in Paris before heading south to taste wine in Bourgogne and Provence. That’s the ticket.

We spent some glorious time meandering, arm-in-arm around the city of love and light. A feeling persists: that of time spent at the start of a trip. Time spent in a moment that hatches the whole of travel pleasure. Knowing that the next weeks hold new treasures: fantastic hotels, dream meals, world-class wine, lots of conversations en français. The canal-side drives, the where-are-our-coins tolls into Monaco, the cellar chats and the sun-seeped rosé hours.

It’s all ahead, it’s all assured and waiting. This started, for me, on an afternoon in Paris.


Our view of Jardin des Tuileries from the sweet Hotel Brighton on Rue de Rivoli.


The lobby of the Hotel Brighton.


The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel near the Louvre.


The River Seine.


As seen through the trees…


Un café at Bistrot le Champ de Mars.


Bistrot Le Champ de Mars.


One of those arm-in-arm, kiss-your-husband strolls.


A not-quite-a-nap moment. Le Jardin des Tuileries .


Les Domaniers Ott Cotes de Provence Rosé served at Café des Abattoirs.


Bonsoir, from Paris.

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