The Cellars at Masion Joseph Drouhin

A visit to Beaune should be circled in red on the calendar. It’s nothing less than a treat.

“Each stone of our House tells the past and consolidates our future.” ~ Maison Joseph Drouhin

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In the late 1880’s a young wine merchant named Joseph Drouhin from Chablis travelled deeper into Bourgogne to the town of Beaune. On arrival he was impressed by the historical cellars that rest beneath the town. Four generations have passed since Joseph came to Beaune and in that time Maison Joseph Drouhin has become a global wine presence with an incredible story of heritage and excellence and those wine cellars are now part of the Drouhin estate.

Manager of Private Tours, Tastings and Events at Maison Joseph Drouhin, Jacquie Morrison, an expat Brit, runs tours of the cellars. Before heading to Beaune, check the Drouhin website to see what’s available as there are special opportunities to explore unique aspects of the estate and vineyards as well as regularly-scheduled tour times which are purposefully limited to a few guests. Jacquie personally constructs these groups based on her years of experience. This careful cultivation is in direct alignment with the way that Drouhin manages every aspect of their House, nothing seems thrown-together or left to chance; visitors feel very much tended-to….


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5 thoughts on “The Cellars at Masion Joseph Drouhin

    1. Oooh, I might have to pick your brain. May I please contact you if I have any research questions?

      You must have stories to tell. And outstanding house wines!

      Thanks for reading & reaching out. Cheers!


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