Mirabeau en Provence Completes Final Assemblage of 2015 Rosé Cuvées


Mirabeau en Provence wines come with an inspiring story. The label’s founders, Stephen and Jeany Cronk, realized their dream of opening a winery in Provence when they resettled in Cotignac in 2009. (Provence WineZine has the Mirabeau story in an earlier article entitled “You Know Mirabeau Rosés but Have You Met the Red Wine?)

Winemaking includes no guarantees, so moving family and home from the UK required the fuel of passion, community connection, and steady vision. It’s a pleasure to see the growth and success this path has afforded the Mirabeau team as they prepare to release the 2015 rosé blends, for which the final assemblage was recently completed.

Mirabeau doesn’t grow the grapes that become their rosés, labeled Mirabeau Classique and Pure. Instead they act as negociants, choosing the most suitable grapes from a selection of vineyards in the Côtes de Provence appellation. For the 2015 blend, Mirabeau had 140 tanks of wine from which to choose. These were narrowed down to 27 tanks that were considered carefully by the winemaking team in terms of blending balance and taste profile. Eventually three growers were selected to provide the Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan that became the 2015 blend.

I recently caught up with Stephen Cronk, just after the 2015 blends were finalized. He shares some intimate details about the Mirabeau rosés, darlings to Provence WineZine readers. For the interview visit: Mirabeau en Provence Completes Final Assemblage of 2015 Rosé Cuvées .

4 thoughts on “Mirabeau en Provence Completes Final Assemblage of 2015 Rosé Cuvées

  1. Hi Jill,

    thank you for continuing to post interesting stories and beautiful photos. … a magazine on my laptop! I get very exasperated by the list stories of what to do where and why you should do something or other. I will make more effort to leave you notes and take part! cheers to the lovely Rose. Pink wine has become my favourite since spending time in Provence about 10 years ago.

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