A Toast to The Good Life


Day 3: A Toast to The Good Life

The glasses you see in the picture were in the sink, dirty, when I woke up this morning. I washed them, flipped them over and left them to air dry on the counter. Later in the day a bit of sunlight caught them and a thought occurred to me. A beautiful thought: last night I shared this drink with my husband. These glasses held the good life…an evening together, talking about times to comes and days gone by. A favorite show (Ballykissangel) netflixing in the background. A few bites of cheese.

We talked of projects we want to complete, and incompletions that don’t actually matter. We talked of kids growing up, and we talked of that’s-ok, not a problem. Time passes sure, but let’s make the most of it. Let’s live the good life, like we always do.

It ain’t always easy, nobody said it would be easy, momma said momma said. But does easy even matter anymore. Don’t we all want a little of the good life that gets baked in from doing the thing? From living the life? From drinking from the cup? Screw easy: I’ll take rich, I’ll take harmonious, I’ll take beautiful, I’ll take top-of-the-mountain, third-bottle-in, last-chapter-hangover over the simple click-clack, whatever, it’s-done, what’s-next.

Those two glasses contain a toast to the good life. Here’s to you and yours this holiday season! To those that love wine, the work it takes to nurture it, the natural fabric it takes to grow it, the inspiration it takes to make it and the passion it takes to enjoy it. Share a bottle with your dear this evening and think: how good can it get?

À votre santé, from me to you.

Oh, what did we drink? This Coppalla 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon. The dude stole my husband’s sweater too.



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