What is Rosé from Provence?

Rosé from Provence France

Rosé wine comes from France. Rosato and Rosado are Italian and Spanish terms.

Don’t be mistaken — rosé isn’t a blend of red & white wine. In fact, that concept was completely rejected by regional winemakers upon suggestion in 2009, when the European Commission proposed a change in quality definition for French rosé. No way, French winemakers said.

Rosé comes from red (or purple) grapes, juice that’s been in contact with the skin for a short period of time. This creates the picturesque pink tones that captivate wine lovers.

Later, after the wine has been fully produced & the winemaker has tested & tasted, individual wines will be artfully blended together to create a unique  final assemblage, which will be the completed product in your glass.

Vins de Provence is a flawless resource for rosé-lovers. I’ve recently completed by Provence Wine Master level, and welcome questions about Provence wines – red, white or pink!

So tell me, have you visited Provence? Do you have a favorite rosé winemaker? Let’s highlight them here!

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