Why I Drink Wine

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played outdoors by somebody I do not know.” ~John Keats


This quote is lyrical, words on paper that put a thumb on what we feel. This is why wine is a lover… the finer things, so simple they’ve been distilled.

My blog is L’Occasion “The Occasion”. This glass of wine was an occasion for me. I’m there with my husband, good friends too. It’s Bourgogne, Châteauneuf-en-Axois. Damn near flawless skies, a lunch served charming & tasty. A Jean Moulin book from the brocante. Woke up in Lyon, would fall asleep in Paris. Had this moment for the hour. Two or three cats purring about the ankles & scarf off in the unexpected sun. Later we saw a memorial cross overlooking the fields & canals and all we could do, we mere people in a gorgeous world, was bask. Soak it up so drops could be rendered many months later. Like this moment, the occasion we share now.

And one more thing feels fitting, my favorite poem:

Against Whatever It Is That’s Encroaching by Charles Simic


Best of all is to be idle,
And especially on a Thursday,
And to sip wine while studying the light:
The way it ages, yellows, turns ashen
And then hesitates forever
On the threshold of the night
That could be bringing the first frost.

It’s good to have a woman around just then,
And two is even better.
Let them whisper to each other
And eye you with a smirk.
Let them roll up their sleeves and unbutton their
shirts a bit.
As this fine old twilight deserves,

And the small schoolboy
Who has come home to a room almost dark
And now watches wide-eyed
The grownups raise their glasses to him,
The giddy-headed, red-haired woman
With eyes tightly shut,
As if she were about to cry or sing.

What’s your occasion?

Do you have a favorite wine memory? I’d love to hear about it, maybe even write a post on it, if you’d be so kind to share.

4 thoughts on “Why I Drink Wine

  1. France definitely inspires al fresco wine adventures! I have had some great times enjoying rosé at sunset on deserted beaches on the Côte d’Azur (yes, they do exist 🙂 ) and having a riverside picnic in Avignon gate crashed by strangers but they bought superb red wine so I didn’t complain!


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