Vaqueyras at Château de Alpilles




The first of my great Vaqueyras bottles was served to me and my husband on a rainy spring evening in the lounge at the divinely cultivated Château des Alpilles in St. Remy-de-Provence.

It’s my deep belief that I was born to drink Rhône reds, such as my darling Vaqueyras, at the Château des Alpilles with my husband. It’s true.

For more on Va-va-Vaqueyras I’ll turn you loose here: Rhône Wines: Appellation Vaqueyras. Suddenly I feel less like educating and more like feeling, memory-ing, imagining. Mais, mon cher, If I can offer you the fishnet, legs crossed, late night, sleep late, lipstick smile, cheese for desert evening a great Vaqueyras deserves, haven’t I done my job?

I consider this memory an occasion. If you enjoy my big relax into wine, if you love to travel, to be the new experience, please comment and tell me where you found a new wine love. Please share and like and do all the things that make these post spread like…well, use your imagination.

Peek into my favorite space with me, hmmm? Freshen your glass first. Ladies + Gentlemen, Château des Alpilles:


Sit, drink, chat, smell, live, love, enjoy. Bask.











This post is included in the All About France monthly blog link-up, curated by the Lou Messugo blog. Happy New Year to you all.  Bonne année, bonne santé!
Lou Messugo

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  1. Oh how I’d love to be sipping a delicious red at the château des Alpilles right now, but apart from anything else I’m half way through way through my first ever dry January! Well very nearly half way…not that I’m counting. “Sit, drink, chat, smell, live, love, enjoy. Bask.” beautiful words, some of my favourite things. Thanks for linking this up to #AllAboutFrance, I hope you’ll be back again next month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jill Barth says:

      Thanks Phoebe, for your comment. A dry January is ambitious but yes…half way already 🙂

      Such fun to connect with #AllAboutFrance. A fabulous group gathered here! Thank you!


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