L’occasion: An Evening In with Sacha Lichine Rosé


Much chatter about New Year’s Eve.

My circle seems to be hoping for an evening in, a seat at their own family table. Why not bring in a fresh new year with in comfort and quiet community? Being home, to me, means more than not going out. It means harmony and calm, delicious and abundant.

A few bottles of good wine, a set of perfectly clean stemware. Polished forks and knives. Folded napkins, 15-years old. Kids happy, husband cooking.  Yorkie sniffing out a pea covered in olive oil. Olive oil, cracked pepper. Good cheese, fresh prosciutto. A gorgeous Provenç

Did midnight arrive or are we still waiting? On which side of this life-well-lived are we?

My tips for today, to prepare for tomorrow, Cinderella dear: freshen the home, shop efficiently and with delight, see abundance in your own nest, write it down, be ready to listen, enjoy your home team.

For something to make and serve, follow my husband’s recipe for a sustaining and tasty pasta. Edit for ease and taste.



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  1. Fortunate enough to have dined w chef J. Enjoy. As always I’ll be toasting to your family too.

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  2. Jill Barth says:

    Wish we were celebrating together!


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