NYC Festival Features Provence Rosé

Illustration by Mike Dater via Provence WineZine


Last week I spoke to Pierrick Bouquet, founder of the upcoming Pinknic Festival at Governor’s Island in New York City. This event will feature a well-known bottle of Provençal rosé: Whispering Angel from Château d’Esclans. I also had a conversation with Paul Chevalier, National Fine Wine Director for Shaw-Ross, the importer of Château d’Esclans wines. Provence WineZine has published the full article, but here is a bit for rosé lovers that will be in the NYC area later this month:

Côtes de Provence estate Château d’Esclans will provide the only still rosé available for purchase at the event. General admission ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel rosé 2015 by the bottle or glass. VIP ticketholders, Bouquet told me, will have the opportunity to taste from all four cuvées crafted by Château d’Esclans, including Rock Angel, Les Clans, and the ultra-premium Garrus. Bouquet said that, with the full spectrum of Château d’Esclans rosé available, VIP guests will be able to experience, firsthand, that indeed “rosé can be high-end.”

For the full article, please visit Provence WineZine: Pinknic Debuts in New York City.

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