The Languedoc Outsiders

Credit: Ken Payton/Languedoc Outsiders

I recently had the good fortune of getting to know Louise Hurren, founder of The Languedoc Outsiders. This group of winemakers caught my eye earlier this year with their enthusiasm around Vinisud’s annual event, which takes place in their home-base of Montpellier. According to the Vinisud website:

VINISUD is the showcase for the world’s leading wine region, the Mediterranean, which on its own accounts for more than 50% of world output. Each event brings together the majority of Mediterranean wine producers and professional buyers from every continent, thereby helping to open the Mediterranean up to new markets for wine.
In 2016, 31,867 visitors and 1,707 exhibitors attended VINISUD:

French producers from Languedoc, Roussillon, Provence, the Rhone Valley, South-West and Corsica. Producers from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria etc.

Everything about this event excites me. I love the idea of this robust set of wine producers from a region I love gathered together sharing, tasting and storytelling. This is the spirit of the Languedoc Outsiders group as well. While each member is independent, they form together as a group because of an interesting connective thread: they are all outsiders.

They’ve come from the outside geographically (from various places, most outside of France) and they’ve come from the outside professionally (for most wine is a second career carved from experience working in a mix of fields).

The story compelled me to approach Palate Press with a pitch. They agreed: it’s good to know, good reading and needs to be shared. For the full piece, please visit the Palate Press website where you can read, comment and share.

Making Wine with the Languedoc Outsiders can be found here.


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  1. Of course I already voted for you and our good friend Jeff. I’ll take a look at the article!

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    1. Jill Barth says:

      Thank you! I’m so appreciative of your consideration. Jeff & OMG have kept us so entertained!

      Thank you!

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