Wine Tasting Anyone?

cobblestones and vineyards

Welcome Cheryl, from Cobblestones and Vineyards, to L’occasion. I’ve been a fan of her writing and photography for some time now and when I read her recent post on wine-tasting in Burgundy I asked her if she would pretty-please share it with us. You’ll soon see why…

Wine-tasting should be a personal exploration; individual interpretation is crucial to enjoyment as well as learning. Sure, great sources exist as guides, but most of us, while perhaps not knowledgeable, have come to understand our preferences. Not only our preferences, but how comfort zones can become stale — we learn to trust our internal gauges. Cheryl trusted hers when she turned a single trip to France into an annual and rewarding ritual.

From Cheryl’s introduction:

“This is a blog not about history, monuments, or museums but about the simple charms of France found in the cobblestone streets, the vineyards, the villages, the blue shutters and doors, the lavender, the sunflowers, the olive groves, the food, the wine. I hope you enjoy discovering these small details along with me on my journey.”

Welcome to Cheryl, as she shares with us Wine Tasting Anyone? (starring Burgundy). Thank you!

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