Holiday Wines from Southern Rhône and Provence



The dishwasher is finally empty. The tablecloths are washed. The tree is up. This means…we’ve wedged between Thanksgiving and Christmas and in my house we are celebrating everything. Whatever comes our way gets decorated, wrapped, sang to. This isn’t just our house, I get the feeling…everywhere you go (it’s beginning to look a lot like…) there are spangles and glitters and special events.

I had two opportunities to write about Thanksgiving wines this season. I have tasted each of these personally and find them so remarkable I want to share these ideas for the holiday table all winter. Wherever family and friends gather, wine should gather too. Here are my suggestions:

Forbes > Thanksgiving Wines: 8 Bottles from Rhône Under $40


This piece is a collaboration on Cathy Huyghe’s column on Forbes. Cathy and I met earlier this year in France, along with Susan H. Gordon. Together we share eight bottles that we found unforgettable. Find it here.

Luxe Provence > Luxe Provence Thanksgiving Wine Guide


I’ve partnered with the lovely team at Luxe Provence before, and this guide is meant to bring a bit of Provence to the holiday table. Visit the gorgeous Luxe Provence site here.

Look for another post next month with recommendations specifically for winter holidays. Cheers to all!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Wines from Southern Rhône and Provence

  1. Just like your previous post on Beaujolais this one has stirred memories of a region regularly visited from the past 30 years. From the deep reds of Chateauneuf du Pape to the grassy white of Picpoul de Pinet this is still our whole family’s favourite region between Nimes and Montpellier. A tip for everyone; visit Chateuaneuf du Pape the first weekend in August for the most stunning wine festival you will ever encounter. The Fete du Veraison is always held on the same weekend, a medieval pageant celebrating the first ripening spot of the grape. Jousting, archery, weddings, tastings, night time banquets this place has it all.


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