New Column at California Winery Advisor {and whales!}

This year I’ll be hosting a monthly column at California Winery Advisor. I get excited about this because California is such a diverse and interesting place in our world. There is so much to learn and so much to taste.

I start out the year with a look at Monterey County in January. Now, this is the perfect example of how inspiration strikes in unexpected places. Monterey, of course, has an exciting wine scene but it’s is stunning naturally too. While writing this piece I learned that the Monterey coast is the site of migration for an number of whale species. I’m an animal lover, so this is now a goal for me: to see whales in migration. 


Credit: Carmel-by-the-Sea

I’m diverging a bit, but this proves once again that our world is a vast and marvelous place and that wine is an introduction…learning about winemakers and regions is how I see the world fresh every day.

Back to the whales for example: I learned that just this week, on January 16th and 17th, there were around 100 grey whale sightings and seven humpback whale sightings…plus hundreds of Pacific White-Sided Dolphin sightings. Thank you to the detailed information at for helping me understand the environment in the Monterey Bay.

It is my sincere hope that everything I write helps others see the world as a beautiful and abundant place. Please join me at California Winery Advisor for more during the months of 2017 and beyond:

An Introduction to the Wines of Monterey

That’s Lodi for You: Wine Tasting in Lodi with Jill Barth

Up next: Mendocino and Santa Cruz!


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