6 Wine Bloggers Cover Corsica

This month we see Corsica.


Our French Winophiles group is scheduled to stop at the French island of Corsica via our blogs and we’ll all meet to share notes, pictures and food-parings on Saturday, February 18th at 10 am central on twitter under the hashtag #Winophiles.

According to Provence WineZine:

Corsica, as a French territory or, technically a collectivité territorial, is one of the 27 regions of France and thus falls under the French administrative system of classification and viticulture.

There are nine Appellations of Origin (AOCs). The two major AOCs are Ajaccio and Patrimonio. The others are Corse Calvi, Corse Sartene, Corse Figari, Corse Porto-Vecchio, Corse Coteaux du Cap, Muscat du Cap Corse, and Corse. There are just over 100 AOC producers although the vast majority of wine–over twice the combined amount of the AOC’s production–is made under the less stringent category called Vin De Pays (VDP) de L’Ile de Beauté. (The European Union equivalents are Appellation d’Origine Protégée or AOP and Indication Géographique Protégée or IGP, respectively.)

We will explore these regions as well as the food, travel, people and lifestyle of Corsica.


I’ll be featuring the wines of Domaine Terra Vecchia, photo courtesy of the domaine.

French Winophiles, At Your Service

This month we welcome the following writers and bloggers, each author of their piece of the Corsican puzzle. We welcome both Winophiles veterans as well as new-comers to our group; this brings a great element of perspective and expertise.

Many in the group expressed that it wasn’t easy getting a bottle of wine from Corsica, and I think that the reality set in that this is indeed an island setting – for many of us an ocean away – where logistics and marketplace come into play. Several of our bloggers seem to hint at the undiscovered essence of Corsica in their titles. It is my hope that our Winophiles session this month brings Corsica into our homes.

Be sure to pull out your phone at 10am central this Saturday, February 18th. Pop in the hashtag #Winophiles and find out what we’ve learned.

Join us, the Corsica-loving group:

Lynn from Savor the Harvest has got me curious with her post: The Intrigue of Corsican Wines
Jane from Always Ravenous brings together the best of both worlds with Corsica Food and Wine – French and Italian Influences
Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla is working her magic in the kitchen with Corsican Fasgioli Incu Funghi + Domaine Petroni Corse Rouge
Michelle from Rockin Red Blog is taking us on an adventure in Corsican Wine: A Metamorphosis of Island Culture
Jeff from FoodWineClick! is bringing Corsica alive with Aromatic Fish and a Corsican
Lauren from The Swirling Dervish gets our imagination running with The Mysteries of Corsica
And on L’occasion we are learning about Making Wine on an Island
Winophiles in 2017

Please accept our invitation to join us on the third Saturday of each month. If you are blogger, please welcome this opportunity to be a part of the French Winophiles. If you are interested in wine, food and travel in France, please be present at our twitter chats (10 am central each third Saturday, #Winophiles).

Our schedule for the year is as follows:

Janvier: Savoie

Février: Corsica

Mars: Champagne

Avril: Cross-Cultural Food Pairings for French Wines

Mai: A drive thru Bourgogne (the Maconnais,Cote Chalonnaise, Cote de Beaune) PART 1, hosted by LM at binNotes | redThread™

Juin: A drive thru Bourgogne (Cote de Nuits, Chablis) PART 2, LM at binNotes | redThread™

Julliet: Southwest France (Sud-Ouest), hosted by Jeff at FoodWineClick!

Août: French Wine Finds Under $20

Septembre: My French Wine Memory: Travel Stories from Wine Writers (pick your own!)

Octobre: Languegoc-Roussillon

Novembre: Beaujolais Jeff at FoodWineClick!

Décembre: French Dessert Wine

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