Champagne avec Les Winophiles Français

Champagne is the focus of this month’s Winophiles treatment. The Winophiles are a group of wine writers and bloggers that love French wine. Each month we focus on an area or aspect of French wine. Topics include regions, routes, food, travel, history, profiles, tastings…we expand widely and seek to learn.

Champagne Bubbles in Black and White

Champagne! Just the sound of the word is festive. I think you’ll see from the titles this week, that Champagne, however, is more than a special occasion drink. Champagne is a place, not only a wine. The growers and houses of the area are meaningful, historic and even -at times- nascent, as new faces do enter the community. Champagne as a wine is distinct, with methods honored and perfected. Champagne is global, recognized (at least in concept) by people all of the world. I think you’ll find that Champagne is approachable and very generous at the table.

In our Winophiles collection this month, we feature the following authors, sharing their impressions Champagne.

Champagne is…

…crafted uniquely, from start to finish, as Lynn from Savor the Harvest reveals in her post, French #Winophiles Explore Champagne From Beginning to Bubbly Finish.

…dynamic and constantly refreshed, as Jane from Always Ravenous examines in her story, The Evolving Culture of Champagne.

…always enchanting, unfailingly attractive. Lauren from The Swirling Dervish writes about The Enduring Allure of Champagne.

…consistent and timelessly refined. Camilla from Culinary Adventures of Camilla shares a special perspective in her piece, Toasting Seventeen Years with Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Champagne.

…personal and skilled, as we will learn in the story of Women in Wine: Floriane Eznack, Cellar Master, Champagne Jacquart from Gwendolyn at Wine Predator.

…food-friendly, approachable and versatile, as we’ll learn from Jeff at FoodWineClick! in his story Everyday Celebration with Champagne and Curried Shrimp Salad.

…affordable and surprisingly accessible, revealed as Martin from ENOFYLZ Wine Blog answers the question Under $30 Vintage Champagne? Oui!

…worth fighting for, as I learned from the story of Bernard de Nonancourt of Laurent-Perrier: Champagne Résistance Fighter. 

I’m thinking brunch mimosas are in order (for those in Europe, a simple glass of Champagne is your prescription) as we collect ourselves on twitter on Saturday morning, March 18th at 10:00am central (time conversion here). Your invitation is the hashtag #Winophiles. 

Champage Avec les Winophiles Français

Please accept our invitation to join us on the third Saturday of each month. If you are blogger, please welcome this opportunity to be a part of the French Winophiles. If you are interested in wine, food and travel in France, please be present at our twitter chats (10 am central each third Saturday, #Winophiles).

Our schedule for the year is as follows:

Janvier: Savoie

Février: Corsica

Mars: Champagne

Avril: Cross-Cultural Food Pairings for French Wines

Mai: A drive thru Bourgogne (the Maconnais,Cote Chalonnaise, Cote de Beaune) PART 1, hosted by LM at binNotes | redThread™

Juin: A drive thru Bourgogne (Cote de Nuits, Chablis) PART 2, LM at binNotes | redThread™

Julliet: Southwest France (Sud-Ouest), hosted by Jeff at FoodWineClick!

Août: French Wine Finds Under $20

Septembre: My French Wine Memory: Travel Stories from Wine Writers (pick your own!)

Octobre: Languegoc-Roussillon

Novembre: Beaujolais Jeff at FoodWineClick!

Décembre: French Dessert Wine

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