The Band of Boys Bringing Attention to Douro Valley Wine

Earlier this year I was introduced to The Douro Boys when I interviewed Pedro Carvalhoone of DuVine’s local guides in Portugal. We were chatting about the food and wine of rural Portugal when The Douro Boys came up. “The Douro Boys, a network of five winemakers, are leading the charge. At each of their quintas (estates), the Douro Boys work in partnership to host tastings, seminars, and events that focus on the evolution of wine taking place in their backyard.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about this group, and when I told the editors at DuVine about them, a story came together. Visit the DuVine blog for the full story on these five family winemakers:

Courtesy: The Douro Boys

To be fair, they aren’t young men anymore. But they call themselves the Boys—a playful way to identify the fun they have while making wine in Portugal’s Douro Valley. They’re the patriarchs of five winemaking families, and the Douro Boys are on a mission to breathe new life into the wines of their world-class region….

The full article appears here.

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