Alpine Wines of Italy

Italian wines of the Alps.

.Alto Adige Wine with a view! Courtesy: Alto Adige Wines

Several years ago my husband and I drove through the Alps of France and Italy, leaving me with a sense of admiration for the natural abundance as well as the man-made influences of the mountains. We drove through the Fréjus Road Tunnel which connects Modane, France to Bardonecchia, Italy under massive Col du Fréjus. 80% of the commercial road traffic between the two countries travels via the tunnel.

Italy, Switzerland and France - road trip made possible by Alpine passes.

Our European road trips have offered some excellent Alpine views. Credit: Jill Barth

We’ve also crossed the French border into Switzerland on Alpine roads, checking in at the crossing to purchase our road-tax sticker, or vignette. The concept of crossing so easily from country to country, over and through astoundingly huge mountains is fascinating.

Writing about the Alpine wines is, for me, one way to understand the lives of the communities that exist alongside the roadways. People are, of course, the reason and creator of such impressive and world-opening structures and this segment on Alpine wines give us all a look at the vineyards that wait along the corridors of travel.

Alpine pass from France to Switzerland

Our passage via Alpine roads from France to Switzerland. Credit: Jill Barth

Italian Food, Wine and Travel

Our Italian Food, Wine and Travel group invites you to participate with us. Seeking bloggers to contribute a bit of your blog space to the topic, in order to join us on Saturday, August 5th at 10 am central time for a twitter chat (#ItalianFWT). We welcome all interested bloggers – returning and first-time writers. To join, please email me at jillbarth [at] (or comment here on L’occasion) by Tuesday, August 1st with your title, and links to your blog and social media profiles (if I don’t have them already). Plan to join the chat and read and share the other participant blogs (they will do the same for you).

Readers and wine lovers, join us to immerse into stories of food, wine and travel in Italy’s beautiful Alpine regions. Learn about the people, meals, vineyards and traditions of this area and plan your trip – border crossings add to the fun and connect us all!

Alpine wines of Italy, Alto Adige

The beautiful view from Alto Adige vineyards. Courtesy: Alto Adige Wines


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