Help L’Occasion get to Bordeaux


L’Occasion has been nominated for the Food + Wine Pairing award in the Millésima Blog Awards

FinalisteUSA_wine_food_pairing (1)

French wine, Bordeaux, Affordable wine, Pasta

In each category and for each zone, the article that gathers the most votes will win the grand prize, meaning an all-expenses-paid trip to Bordeaux in April 2018 during the famous “en primeur” week.

The nominated story > Cooking at Home: Affordable Bordeaux & Homemade Pasta

Something elemental happened in our kitchen recently. We began to make our pasta from scratch. For years I’d believed this was a practice we weren’t entitled to, not being Italian and having the oh-so-easy bounty of boxed (and even pre-made fresh) pasta available at our local grocery store. In the course of things, I began to see that we were missing out. A friend mentioned that it was easy; she described a nest of flour filled with a freshly cracked egg. A little of this, a little of that… The simple, time-honored act seemed the embodiment of comfort.

Bordeaux wine, organic wine, biodynamic wine

Pasta pairs perfectly with wine from Bordeaux producers that have turned to innovation to produce ready-to-drink, less tannic, versatile food-friendly wines for modern tables. These wines are made by authentic Bordeaux vignerons, but with a global and youthful perspective that includes an emphasis on dry white wines, rosé wines, sparkling wines and sweet wines. A new sense of collaboration, with an eye towards sustainability and diversity, makes recent vintages full of vibrancy.

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6 thoughts on “Help L’Occasion get to Bordeaux

  1. Congratulations and best wishes Jill! I have so many friends in this competition. I wish all of you could go experience the wonderful week I had in Bordeaux with Millesima 2 years ago! I have voted and I am excited to see the results. Good Luck!

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