Petaluma Gap: America’s Newest Wine Region

April marks the start of my new gig as a regular contributor to Forbes online. I cover wine-at-work with special attention to growers and makers. I’m focused on wine and food creators – with culture, community, ecology, and travel pivotal to the stories.

Petaluma Gap, Forbes Wine Writer, California Wine, Sonoma Wine

An early morning harvest at Griffin’s Lair Vineyard, Courtesy: Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance

I found it appropriate to ring the starting bell with a gust of wind from Petaluma Gap, America’s newest designated wine region:

Everyone knows that grapes are an essential ingredient for wine, but one natural — and unexpected — element is helping a newly designated wine region in California rise to prominence.

“The Petaluma Gap is a special area for the following reason: the wind,” says Ana Keller, director of Keller Estate. “Yes, it is an AVA based on wind patterns.”

Please enjoy the full story at Forbes.


4 thoughts on “Petaluma Gap: America’s Newest Wine Region

  1. Jill, I just learned about the tremendous influence winds have on NZ wines in a tiny subregion in Marlborough so reading how Petaluma will have this AVA distinction is exciting! Your article helped give a clearer picture of what happens in the vineyard.
    Also, Congrats on the new gig 🖋👍🏼🎉🌟

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