Want To Work In Wine? These Jobs Are Now Hiring

Languedoc Wine, Minervois Wine, South of France

Martine Bonnavenc pours a selection of Minervois wines in the tasting room at St. Jacques d’Albas

Working with wine is a dream career for many—beautiful vineyards, happy customers, daily variety and, well…the wine. While it’s not easy work, it is rewarding and you may be surprised to discover the scope of potential career paths leading into the wine world.

Kevin Morrisey, the winemaker at Ehlers Estate in St. Helena, put a decade into a career in film before deciding, at the age of 35, that he wanted to work in wine. He placed all the right pieces—a degree in enology from UC Davis followed by an internship at Château Petrus in Bordeaux—and the career move paid off, enabling to him to craft high-quality organic wines in the Napa Valley. “It’s a privilege to come to work and practice what you preach,” says Morrisey.

Morrisey is an impressive example, but not every shift requires a back-to-school mentality or experience in France. Here are six now-hiring wine positions to consider based on your interest and experience.

To see the list, please click over to my Forbes column. Thank you!

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