Bubbly From The Middle East And Latin America

Middle Eastern Wine, Latin American Wine

High quality, affordable bubbly comes from some totally unexpected places around the world. While many winemakers use traditional production methods, local grape varieties and growing environments make these wines entirely unique.

For example, champagne is made using the Traditional Method (sometimes called méthode champenoise), a technique which involves making bubbles through a second round of fermentation in the bottle. This same approach is applied in Brazil and Mexico, regional flavors and styles give these wines their own distinct profiles. Similarly, Italian prosecco is made in the Charmat Method, with the second fermentation happening in the tank, rather than in the bottle – for a fresh take on this classic style, look to Argentina.

While some haven’t gone mainstream and may still be hard to source, it’s worth the effort to track down these yet-to-be-discovered bubbly wines… to see the full list, I ask you to please click over to USA Today 10Best Eat Sip Trip.

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