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Organic vines at Domaine Dalmeran. Credit: Jill Barth

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Uruguayan Wine 101

DuVine Adventures + Cycling, March 2019

The wine world is attuned to the juxtaposition between northern and southern hemispheres, each side of the equator doing their work during a separate time of year. It’s not uncommon for European or Californian winemakers to spend January and February in Uruguay (or neighboring Argentina or Chile, or New Zealand and Australia)—not on holiday, but in the vineyards of their peers, keeping the winemaking momentum going year-round.

Talking Natural, Biodynamic Wine With Santa Barbara Pioneer Steve Beckmen

Forbes, April 2019

Beckmen Vineyards was the first Santa Barbara County winery to accomplish a biodynamic stamp and the Beckmen Purisima Mountain Vineyard in Ballard Canyon is the fourth largest Demeter-certified vineyard in California. Motivated by a commitment to biodynamics and naturalizing his craft, winemaker Steve Beckmen also put faith in native yeast and whole cluster fermentation, an early adoption that is maintained today.

Torrontés In The Spotlight: Get To Know Argentina’s White Wine

Forbes, April 2019

Speaking from her experience around Mendoza and Valle de Uco specifically, Julia Zuccardi shines a spotlight on Torrontés. Wrap up the education with a selection of my suggested bottles to try from Argentina and around the world.

Pommard Landmark Clos de la Commaraine Gets A Biodynamic, And Luxury, Renovation

Forbes, March 2019

The property is also the site of a 12th-century château, with historical threads connecting to the Dukes of Burgundy. It’s been empty since 2013, but is currently in the throes of a hefty renovation into a five-star hotel, underground spa in 14th-century cellars and a gastronomic restaurant — the manifestation of the vision of Americans Denise Dupré and Mark Nunelly who also own the luxury hotel Royal Champagne as well as the organic Champagne house Leclerc-Briant.

German Wineries Face A ‘Terrible Shortage’ Of Glass Bottles
Forbes, March 2019

Germany’s 2018 wine grape harvest is on track to be the most bountiful in a decade. But as wineries across the nation move into the bottling phase of the annual to-do list, they face an unusual challenge: there aren’t enough wine bottles.

Forbes, March 2019

Back to Alois Lageder where the dream of biodynamics hatched in the 1970s when Alois Lageder IV “repositioned” the family operation towards quality, innovation and sustainability. Lageder thought that conversion to biodynamics “took courage” and it wasn’t until the 1990s that the family began to experiment with the practices — by 2004, Alois Lageder had officially converted to biodynamics.

An Insider’s Guide to Montevideo

DuVine Adventures + Cycling

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, the South American country with beachy vibes and cultural cachet. It’s not the sort of place you should just fly into—it’s time to put this city on your radar and let Montevideo reveal its riches. Here’s how.

“Above all, be yourself”: choosing wines with Fabrice Sommier
Instants Relais & Châteaux Magazine, February 2019
“It’s not really work, it’s pleasure,” says Fabrice Sommier, General Manager at Georges Blanc Parc and Spa. He talks about being a sommelier, a role he fills for guests with immense dedication.

Growing Enthusiasm For Organic And Biodynamic Products At 2019 Millésime Bio Wine Fair

Forbes, February 2019

Millésime Bio is the world’s leading professional-only organic wine fair—and it’s growing—with a 10% increase in attendance over 2018. Winemakers and members of the wine trade gathered together last month in Montpellier, France to experience the products of over 1,200 exhibitors from 22 countries. The 2019 event marks the 26th year for the gathering, founded in 1993 by Sudvinbio and Occitanie winemakers.

International Rosé Symposium Examines Effect Of Climate Change On Wine Growing

Forbes, February 2019

The 5th International Rosé Symposium (Rencontres Internationales du Rosé), hosted by the Provence Wine Council (CIVP) and the Rosé Research and Experimentation Center, took place in Marseille in France’s Provence region, where rosé comprises 89% of wine production. The event gathered winemakers, researchers and journalists to discuss adaptation to climate change, ecological transition and changing consumer patterns.

America’s Smallest Wine Appellation Is For Sale

Forbes, February 2019

There are entire vineyards larger than the totality of Cole Ranch AVA in Mendocino, California. It’s the smallest American Viticultural Area (AVA) in the country and the whole appellation is for sale—on the market for $3.3 million.

Try These Mediterranean Wine And Dairy Pairings

Forbes, February 2019

Wine lovers know the tempting power of a cheese plate—it’s the nexus of one of the world’s great pairings. Look to the Mediterranean for fresh wine and dairy partners that go beyond cheese.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem: From An Old Dodge Truck To An Innovative Urban Winery

Forbes, February 2019

If you’ve ever had wine in a can, you may want to thank Ben Parsons, winemaker and founder of The Infinite Monkey Theorem, a winery in the RiNo Art District of Denver, Colorado with a second location in the SoCo district of Austin, Texas.

A Guide To Wine Certification Programs

Wine Enthusiast, February 2019

Enrolling in a wine education course may seem confusing, but there’s an option for everyone. Here’s advice to consider.

The Most Romantic Spots In Wine Country, According To These Winemaking Couples

Forbes, January 2019

I asked the Herreras and three other winemaking couples for advice on the most romantic spots in their neighborhood. For a little Valentine’s Day fun, here are recommendations from each. I know, I know, many of you consider Valentine’s Day a commercial holiday, but let’s indulge ourselves with the idea of a trip to sunny California this time of year. A treat for ourselves and the ones we love. And if you can’t make to California—or if you just want to drink wine and ignore Valentine’s Day—each couple suggests a bottle to give or get this winter.

5 Tips For Discovering New Wines You’ll Love

Forbes, January 2019

There are around 10,000 wineries in the U.S, the fourth-largest wine producing country in the world. And consider this, one of the largest wineries in America—E & J Gallo—has somewhere north of 70 imprints in their portfolio alone, including some of the most recognizable labels out there, and yet I’m willing to bet that many readers haven’t sampled even a fraction of those.

Chandon California Winemaker Pauline Lhote On Women In Wine, Creativity And Bubbles

Forbes, January 2019

Chandon California winemaker Pauline Lhote believes that “mentorship is our responsibility.” It’s a headline theme in her recent recognition as a changemaker, earning her a spot on the Create & Cultivate 100 2019.

How Family Wineries Will Get Your Attention In 2019

Forbes, January 16, 2019

Show of hands, have you have visited wine country somewhere in the U.S.? Have you have joined a wine club or purchased wine during your visit? Would you have bought wine if you hadn’t made that visit? Family-run wineries across the country are asking this question, and in an environment where wine consumers are surrounded by options, the answer isn’t always clear.

4 Things Wine Pros Know That You Can Too

Forbes, January 15, 2019

If you see a future between you and wine, consider your experience as a continuing study in learning and tasting, an approach that serves everyone well, from novices to masters. If understanding wine is on your 2019 goal list, here are insider tips and challenges to bring you up to speed.

These Elegant, Alcohol-Free Drinks Are Perfect For Wine Lovers

Forbes,  January 11, 2016

Clark decided to work up her own alcohol-free drinks packed with fresh ingredients and flavors, free of the idea of simply being a “virgin” imitation of a classic cocktail on the menu. And with that effort comes a perspective shift, one that Clark hopes to see take root in establishments everywhere, starting in her home state of Washington.

‘It Starts With Wine’: A New Documentary Series For Wine Lovers

January 4, 2019, Forbes

For foodies, wine lovers and travel nuts craving a new binge, Wine Enthusiast Media rolls out a new documentary series. It Starts With Wine premieres on Amazon Prime Video January 4, 2019.

Cavas Wine Lodge: where wine is a textural experience

November 27, 2018, Relais et Châteaux Instants Magazine

The atmosphere at Cavas Wine Lodge embodies their mutual passion for guests “to learn and return home enriched,” according to Rigal. This experience may unfold with a walk through the vineyard, a wine-pairing cooking class, a table at the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence restaurant, or a private terrace view of the sunset with a bottle of sparkling wine.

Why It’s Time To Try Sauvignon Blanc Wine From Uruguay

November 29, 2018, Forbes

“Uruguay wines have the qualities consumers are looking for,” says Pia Carrau, manager of Cerro Chapeu winery in the Rivera department of Uruguay. These days wine lovers around the world seek options that are low in alcohol and exhibit freshness. Coastal Atlantic Uruguay has plenty of rain, sunshine and drying maritime breezes to enhance expressive acidity in Sauvignon Blanc.

2018 Is Another Record-Breaking Year For The Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction

November 27, 2018, Forbes

After the French Revolution, the hospital realized a lucrative way to enhance the income from its vineyards and the first auction was held. The Hospices de Beaune is now the world’s oldest and most famous charity wine auction.

Ten Exciting Virginia Wines To Try

November 17, 2018, Decanter

Virginia has cultivated vineyards since 1619, a long history for an American wine region, but the past 20-30 years have seen real development. Here are producers to watch and a selection of wines to try, plus news of a potential AVA.

A Modern Beginner’s Guide To Wine Collecting On Any Budget

November 12, 2018

Many of us begin in earnest, with enjoyment for drinking wine that evolves into something more: a selection of carefully chosen favorites, some to drink now, some to drink later. From millennials to retirees, shifting values among wine-drinking Americans encourage access to collectible wines, opening the hobby to a wider range of people.

Flying For Thanksgiving? This Airline Checks Your Wine For Free

November 7, 2018, Forbes

The Wines Fly Free program from Alaska Airlines is available on nonstop domestic flights to 29 cities in California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. While it’s limited to members of the Alaska Airline frequent flier program (Mileage Plan), it’s free to become a member and includes the potential for other perks. Wines Fly Free has been so well-received that the coverage has continually expanded, including new 18 cities earlier this year.

Decanter Tasting Notes: Virginia
Fall 2018, Decanter

Wines from around the state of Virginia tasted and scored.

Cast in tradition: Uruguay’s Narbona Wine Lodge
October 29, 2018, Relais et Châteaux Instants Magazine

Narbona Wine Lodge in Carmelo, Uruguay is a haven of inexhaustible tradition where taste genuinely reflects the essence of this littoral wine region of international acclaim.

5 Sparkling Red American Wines Ideal For Tonight’s Dinner
October 18, 2018, Forbes

But what about stateside? Here are five sparkling, red American wines with the vivacity of bubbles combined with red wine body—perfect for dinner parties or to jazz up a weeknight meal. twitter_social_icon_circle_color.png These versatile red bubblies balance tannins and acids with the bonus of a sparkly celebratory tone.

Once a Hospital, Now the World’s Greatest Wine Auction
October 10, 2018, DuVine Adventures + Cycling

Wine saved lives. That’s the heart of the story behind the Hospices de Beaune, one of the most ancient wine auctions in the world.

Five Things To Know About Home Wine Delivery

October 4, 2018, Forbes

If opening your front door to a box of wine sounds appealing, there are few options to consider. Wine drinkers have turned to digital shopping and direct-to-consumer shipping for years to tap into the resources of wineries and retailers to suss out just the right bottle or price.

Washington State Merlot Charms With Quality And Taste

September 27, 2018, Forbes

October is International Merlot Month and one of the particular highlights is the #MerlotMe event, a month-long social media phenomenon organized by over 100 merlot producers inviting wine drinkers to share their merlot experience by using the hashtag. High-quality, excellent value merlot from Washington State offers a good reason to join in the fun this fall.

Air France And American Airlines Announce Food And Wine Enhancements, Even For Economy

September 26, 2018, Forbes

Recent news about airline comforts has been sparse as increased baggage fees have put new pressures on traveler budgets. And while it’s true that most people don’t book a seat on a plane specifically for the food and wine — particularly an economy seat —  two airlines have made recent changes to their offerings in hopes of satisfying customers.

Here Are 3 California Regions Where You Can Still Find Family-Made Wine

September 22, 2018, Forbes

Plenty of great wine comes out of California wine country and the hospitality is second-to-none, but many wine lovers long for the days when the owner greeted you at the door or waved hello with a tannin-stained hand from the cellar. These places do exist, in warm and welcoming spots scattered all around The Golden State.

Diverse New Leadership Reaffirms Soave As One Of Italy’s Great Wines

September 19, 2018, Forbes

The Soave consortium has recently elected a new governing board, one that places intergenerational succession, new talent priorities and gender diversity as central forms of the organization’s leadership slate.

An Autumn Escape To France’s Hilltop Wine Towns
September 6, 2018, Forbes

Hill towns capture the imagination and inspire travel, and Provençal villages situated around the Dentelles de Montmirail are no exception. These villages anchor gem wine regions of France’s Southern Rhône Valley, distinct cru defined by their own names: Beaumes-de-Venise, Cairanne, Gigondas and Vacqueyras.

These islands produce some of Europe’s best wine
September 6, 2018, USA Today 10Best Eat Sip Trip

Some of Europe’s most interesting wine regions are islands – environments and cultures preserved by a frame of sea. Whether planning a trip or a meal, get to know these five tempting island wine regions.

New Ways To Experience Burgundy Winemaking History This Fall
August 28, 2018, Forbes

When UNESCO recognized the Bourgogne (Burgundy) vineyards known as the Les Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne, it was an acknowledgment of not only the geological diversity of the precise parcels but also the human cultivation and development of a provenance system that has persisted since the Middle Ages.

Drink Well With 20 Tempting Organic Wines For $20 Or Less
August 28, 2018, Forbes

With no firm ingredient labeling regulations, consumers can’t be sure how their wine was made and what it was made with. However, there are requirements to be labeled as organic, and this is helpful to consumers.

Want To Work In A Vineyard? French Wine Growers Seek 2018 Harvest Labor
August 23, 2018, Forbes

If working a wine grape harvest is on your bucket list, 2018 may be the year you realize the dream if you are eligible for employment in France. Due in part to an exceptionally hot summer in regions such as Jura and Alsace, the harvest date has crept up, leaving many growers in search of seasonal workers.

What You Need To Know About Cognac, The Trendy Spirit Coming Off A Record-Breaking Year
August 22, 2018, Forbes

Cognac experienced a record-breaking export year according to data released this month by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac. Between August 2017 and July 2018, 205.9M bottles were shipped, exceeding the previous record of 200M bottles. The primary market is the U.S. and if Cognac is new to you, this might be your year to dip into this distinctly French product.

Harvest Season Pairing: Alpine-Style Cheese And Alsatian Wine
August 16, 2018, Forbes

Alpine-style cheese is semi-firm, smooth and consistent. Flavors are often nutty, fruity or spicy — think of Appenzeller, Gruyère or Emmentaler as classic examples. Alpine-style cheese is also ideal for a cheese plate or in the fondue pot and it shines when paired with Alsatian wines such as Crémant d’Alsace, Reisling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

How To Translate Champagne Label Details
August 15, 2018, Forbes

According to the Comité Champagne, there are 16,000 growers in and around 319 Champagne villages and these growers hold 90% of the vineyards. These grapes are distributed to various Champagne operators and local law requires the following codes to be elements of the label landscape.

Camino de Santiago: a quick guide to a wine lover’s pilgrimage
August 13, 2018, USA Today Eat Sip Trip

From the launching point in southwest France, the Camino Francés route threads through several regions of Spain, and some of the world’s most exciting centers of wine and gastronomy. Here’s a quick guide to what you should eat and drink in each region of the route.

Why Guinness Chose Maryland For Its Only American Brewery
August 6, 2018, Forbes

It’s been over 60 years since Guinness occupied a U.S. facility and the time seems right to make the move. “The United States has one of the most exciting and dynamic brewing scenes in the world right now,” says Ryan Wagner, Guinness Brewery Ambassador and Baltimore native. “Having a home in Baltimore will allow us to take advantage of the creativity and innovation that makes the American scene so unique and diverse.”

This is the one thing almost every oyster bar does wrong
July 25, 2018, USA Today Eat Sip Trip

As Rowan Jacobsen says in his book, The Essential Oyster, “Oysters are animals that farm like plants.” In this sense, oysters are like wine – and knowing who grew your oysters is as important as knowing who made your wine.

Vermont’s Champlain Valley Is One Of America’s Most Interesting Wine Regions

July 23, 2018, Forbes

My introduction to Vermont’s Champlain Valley wine region started in the most fascinating spot, with Ethan Joseph’s project, Iapetus, made with Shelburne Vineyard fruit.

France’s Green Volcanoes Wine Region Has Finally Been Recognized By UNESCO
July 8, 2018, Forbes

UNESCO this week designated 20 new properties, including mainland France’s first-ever natural site. Chaîne des Puys, encompassing the Limagne fault, is a string of 80 dormant volcanoes that crater the surface of central France from the highland region of northern Massif Central to the city of Clermont-Ferrand.

50 great summer wines to try from all 50 states
June 28, 2018, USA Today Eat Sip Trip

As one of the most recognized wine producing regions in the world, California produces 90% of American wine. But did you know that chilly northern states like Minnesota and North Dakota have their own wine industries thanks to special grape varieties bred at the University of Minnesota to withstand the cold climate? Or that wine has been grown in New Mexico since the 17th century?

The key to pairing wine and grilled food
June 12, 2018, USA Today Eat Sip Trip

Summertime may evoke images of a cold brew and a hot grill – but beer isn’t the only drink that pairs with BBQ. From veggies to seafood to red meat, there is a wine for everything you can cook over an open flame.

Want A Career In Wine? Here Are 6 Now-Hiring Jobs To Consider
May 16, 2018, Forbes
Working with wine is a dream career for many — beautiful vineyards, happy customers, daily variety and, well…the wine. While it’s not easy work, it is rewarding and you may be surprised to discover the scope of potential career paths leading into the wine world.

Virginia’s Award-Winning Monticello Region Is Your 2018 Summer Wine Trip
May 14, 2018

It’s been called the birthplace of American wine, thanks to Thomas Jefferson. Like so many distinctions in American heritage, the Monticello AVA wine region in Virginia has Jefferson’s fingerprints all over it and it’s one of this summer’s most exciting wine-tasting destinations.

Wine And Science Blend At This Rosé Research Center In Provence
May 7, 2018, Forbes

Provençal rosé—and rosé in general—has been riding a popularity wave in recent years. While there are instances of trendy lifestyle marketing involved, many rosés are wines of quality, made by winemakers of skill and terroir of distinction. Behind them lies a secret weapon, hidden in an unassuming coral-colored building with green shutters: The Center for Rosé Research.

Old Vines, New Vision: Lodi Wine Appoints Stuart Spencer As Executive Director
April 28, 2018, Forbes

Stuart Spencer has been named the executive director of Lodi Winegrape Commission (LWC or Lodi Wine, for short) this month, filling a vacancy that opened in January 2018. Spencer previously held the role of Lodi Wine program manager for 19 years and with the new appointment, he’ll further his work on sustainability, grower education and consumer awareness.

Global Wine Production Reaches 60-Year Low Due To Severe Weather
April 26, 2018, Forbes

The Paris-based International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) this week released the annual state of conditions report, revealing that 2017 global wine production is down 8.6% from 2016 figures.

5 White Wines to Drink Instead of Rosé
April 25, 2018, USA Today 10Best East Sip Trip

Though rosé has grown synonymous with summer, it’s time to evoke the spirit of the sun with refreshing, food-friendly white wines. All of these wines satisfy the need for complexity and style while promising cool refreshment.

Burgundy Wine Auction Realizes A Stunning $7M As Collectors Accept Record-Breaking Prices
April 25, 2018, Forbes

The April 13-14 Celebration of Burgundy auction from Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. (HDH) in Chicago brought in $7.2 million. This staggering amount exceeds the previous house record for a Celebration of Burgundy auction by $1.5 million.

These Organic Wines From Provence Are Ideal For Earth Day
April 18, 2018, Forbes

April 22 is Earth Day, an event recognized as the largest non-secular observance in the world with more than one billion participants. An ancient Provençal wine region’s sustainable traditions are a reminder of Earth’s abundance.

Why Wine Country Looks So Beautiful: Napa Ag Preserve Turns 50
April 10, 2018, Forbes

The Napa Agriculture (Ag) Preserve turns 50 years old in 2018 thanks to the farmers, vintners and residents who saw the value of an agrarian future for their valley.

This French Wine Region’s Pink Lakes Produce The World’s Best Salt
April 6, 2018, Forbes

Near the cultural French city of Narbonne, Gruissan sits on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, necklaced by stunning pink salt lakes that mirror the shade of a fresh glass of French rosé.

How The Wind Is Making The Petaluma Gap California’s Newest Wine Region
April 2, 2018, Forbes

Everyone knows that grapes are an essential ingredient for wine, but one natural — and unexpected — element is helping a newly designated wine region in California rise to prominence.

“The Petaluma Gap is a special area for the following reason: the wind,” says Ana Keller, director of Keller Estate. “Yes, it is an AVA based on wind patterns.”

This is how the cork gets from a tree to your bottle
Mar 8, 2018, USA Today 10Best Eat Sip Trip

The cork wine stopper is synonymous with preservation – not only of the wine in the bottle but of a way of life for cork farmers and the natural ecosystem of the forest. The process has been the same for generations because the system is a sustainable network benefiting the local economy, the environment, and the industries that utilize cork – particularly the wine industry.

This is your best bet for an affordable Champagne alternative
Feb 21, 2018, USA Today 10Best East Sip Trip

Crémant is produced using the methode traditionelle but comes from many regions across France. Often a fraction of Champagne prices, these sparkling wines exhibit value and taste for lovers of French wines.

PÉT-NAT | The Exciting Alternative To Champagne
Dec 27, 2017, California Winery Advisor

Pét-nat bubbles are produced by the oldest and least interventional method, méthode ancestrale, which originated in Limoux in the South of France. Pét-nat ways predate bubbly Champagne and bear distinct qualities derived from fermentation in the bottle, generated by yeasts that are native to the vineyard or winery.

Luxe Provence Holiday Wine Guide
Dec 21, 2017, Luxe Provence

Vin cuit follows the Thirteen Desserts as does a choice of local wines. Luxe Provence presents a selection of local wines to pair with your holiday traditions, to evoke the essence of the South of France in December in your home.

2017 Luxe Provence Thanksgiving Wine Guide
Nov 20, 2017, Luxe Provence

French wines from Provence and the Southern Rhône Valley are generously varied, with a wine to suit every possible meal. This time of year, thoughts turn to the holidays, when traditional flavors come together on the table as families gather together in homes across the world. The American holiday of Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate local foods prepared by those of many backgrounds, joining in the spirit of friendship, family, abundance, and prosperity. Who can resist such charm, such comfort?

With Our Eyes Open Anthology
Oct 14, 2017, Book a Break

Here you have 34 stories, each one a journey, whether funny or frightening, real or figurative, shared or dreadfully alone. ‘They had a long journey ahead of them’ was the prompt: the writers here, from award-winning authors to exciting new talents, took it and made it their own. Sit back and enjoy the scenery, then, as the stories here open your eyes to destinations you’ll want to go back to again. Bon voyage! The proceeds from this book go to the Against Malaria Foundation. Authors:

California Wine Tasting Experiences | Luxury Beyond Napa
Aug 26, 2017, California Winery Advisor

An atmosphere made for indulgence, there is still the possibility to find California wine tasting experiences that sail above the rest. As wineries realize that many visitors prefer a custom experience, some California establishments have created authentic luxury moments. Here are a few of the most exciting and original options throughout the state.

Dog-Friendly Wineries in California
Jun 20, 2017, California Winery Advisor

So where are the top dog-friendly wineries in California? On a recent trip to Napa I found myself charmed by all of the friendly faces in the tasting rooms – not just staff and visitors, but the pets that seem to feel as at home in a winery than at a dog park. It turns out that many California wineries are pet-friendly, making a wine tasting trip with your furry pal a reality.

Cool Wines For The Adventurous Wine Lover
May 1, 2017, California Winery Advisor

California is a state rich in vineyard microclimates and terroir. With over 800 miles of coastline, parts of the state receive the cooling impact of the Pacific Ocean. Inland valleys and hills find the sun’s warmth sticks around a bit longer, protected by the landscape. The generosity of the land is matched only the by variety and creativity of the local winemakers, some of which have discovered that their California vineyard is the perfect spot to grow less-likely varietals. The outcome is excellent for the wine-drinker, an unexpected range of delightful bottles that express both terroir and winemaking style.

The Good Wines of Lirac
Apr 10, 2017, Palate Press

“It’s a new era in Lirac,” continues de Pins. “We are no longer tired and fed up. The quality of the wine wasn’t visible but now we have more focus.”

The Band of Boys Bringing Attention to Douro Valley Wine
Apr 7, 2017, DuVine Adventures + Cycling

To be fair, they aren’t young men anymore. But they call themselves the Boys—a playful way to identify the fun they have while making wine in Portugal’s Douro Valley. They’re the patriarchs of five winemaking families, and the Douro Boys are on a mission to breathe new life into the wines of their world-class region.

Luxe Provence Wine Tasting Guide to Cassis
Apr 5, 2017, Luxe Provence

Cassis is a slice of seaside dreams, a true Provence treasure. Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, Cassis is home to the characteristic Massif de Calanques, the highest cliffs in France, stunningly dressed in white limestone. These deep inlets shelter the terraced vineyards of Cassis, which are truly distinct from their Provençal neighbors.

Santa Cruz Wineries
Mar 16, 2017, California Winery Advisor

The Santa Cruz Mountains AVA and the Santa Cruz wineries that populate it tells the story of mavericks establishing strength in a setting so distinct it is the lead character. This is a place that stands even with the protagonists and the plot, not just background, but a space that entertains and captivates page after page.

Land of Lincoln Wineries
Mar 16, 2017, Illinois Times

Visitors find a warm welcome and wide selection at local wineries.

Beyond Lisbon: The Food and Wine of Portugal
Feb 11, 2017, DuVine Adventures + Cycling

The wines of Portugal have been cultivated over thousands of years to yield hundreds of varietals, and quite a few of Portugal’s grapes grow there and there alone. Red and white table wines are exceptionally food-friendly, while the Ports are recognized internationally as the gold standard in fortified wines.

A wine taster’s guide to the Mendocino Wine Country
Feb 7, 2017, California Winery Advisor

In Mendocino County, California the idea of green living isn’t just an idea. It is a place that has managed to keep a wooly and authentic balance between the growth of cultivated things and the growth of natural things.

An Introduction to Monterey Wines
Jan 10, 2017, California Winery Advisor

Monterey is part of California’s Central Coast and occupies space situated just north of the Monterey Bay and extends running southward to Paso Robles. The Monterey AVA runs a broad scope, pretty much the full stretch of Monterey County. Within the region, there are eight other specific AVAs including Santa Lucia Highlands, Arroyo Seco, San Lucas, Hames Valley, Chalone, Carmel Valley, San Antonio Valley and San Bernabe.

The Mythical Wines of Beaumes de Venise
Dec 10, 2016, Palate Press

Beaumes de Venise and its neighbors – Lafare, La Roque-Alric, and Suzette – are Southern Rhône winemaking villages, a part of the Beaumes de Venise AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée). Here the landscape is shaped by the vineyards, which are grown in terraces stitched into the slopes and valleys of the Dentelles de Montmirail, a distinctive rocky range that is also home to the wine regions Gigondas and Vacqueyras.

Dec 2, 2016, binNotes | redThread™

This final Guest Wine Writer series for 2016 features Wine Blogger of the Year Award Winner Jill Barth of L’Occassion. A true wordsmith, Jill Barth crafts her stories with the ease of a bird in flight, winging us along on journeys to vineyards and villages with a breezy, effortless skill that both exhilarates and inspires.

Thanksgiving Wine Guide
Nov 22, 2016, Luxe Provence

Though the holiday is distinctly American, the essence of the day reflects values practiced around the globe: gratitude, family and gracious mealtimes. Here in Provence, these values are ancestral and instinctive. The slower pace of fall in Provence welcomes visitors from around the world and in many ways mirrors the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday.

What They Want (fiction)
Nov 21, 2016, Cat Tales Anthology

The prize-winning authors of these stories come from many countries and backgrounds. All used the prompt for the short story competition to craft a highly original tale. The proceeds from this book go to two charities, Cats Protection and the Against Malaria Foundation.

Thanksgiving Wine: 8 Bottles From Rhône Under $40
Nov 16, 2016, Forbes

Here’s the suggestion: wines from the Rhône Valley of France.

And here’s why, from a pure taste point of view: Rhône wines are already cacophonous. That is, they’re inherently diverse – they include both white and red grapes (sometimes in the same bottle), and their tradition both allows and encourages the blending of characteristics and styles.

Other authors: Cathy Huyghe Susan H Gordon

That’s Lodi For You | Wine Tasting In Lodi With Jill Barth
Nov 12, 2016, California Winery Advisor

“I want to see what happened in 1909, a link to our past, where our families all came from. A different era…I feel fortunate in carrying on the tradition.” Steve Millier, VP and Director of Winemaking at Ironstone Vineyards, made this statement surrounded by a group of other Lodi growers and winemakers. They all nod or speak up in agreement. Lodi is nothing if not for its past, the idea of family tradition. These men and women work the same vines their parents did, and their grandparents before them.

A Local Expert’s Guide to Chicago Beer
Oct 25, 2016, Hospitality 21

At the moment, Chicago is all about baseball. Everyone loves to cheer on their favorite team with a glass of cold beer, right? Russell Shearer, local Certified Beer Server and Senior Sous Chef at JW Marriott, gives advice for drinking in the Windy City, including five beers to try this fall.

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Wine Grape Harvest
Oct 16, 2016, DuVine Adventures + Cycling

Each glass of wine starts its journey at a vineyard. The concept of terroir illustrates that a wine’s character and flavor are shaped by the environment in which they’re grown, including soil, topography, and climate. Here is a guide to the wine grape harvest, the transitional phase between vineyard and winery, and wine grape growers’ artful management of this complex process.

Global Influences on Peruvian Food: 5 Dishes to Try
Sep 18, 2016, DuVine Adventures + Cycling

If you visit Peru for its cuisine, you won’t be the first. Generations of native and global civilizations have drawn on the intense biodiversity of this South American country to combine local influences with dishes reminiscent of home kitchens around the world. Learn more about the global influences on Peruvian cuisine.

Wine Tasting Guide to Les Baux-de-Provence AOP
Jun 10, 2016, Luxe Provence

We are very excited to introduce today’s guest author, blogger and Provence wine expert, Jill Barth. Jill is a wine writer and journalist based in the US who frequently travels to Provence. She blogs at L’occasion and is Provence Wine Master candidate. We’ve asked Jill to share her suggestions and recommendations on some of her favorite domaines to visit, along with lazy summer meal pairing ideas from this breathtaking and reputable wine region of Provence.

10 Top Luxury Wine Country Hotels
Jun 8, 2016, DuVine Adventures + Cycling

We’ve explored the world’s most treasured wine regions to discover hotels that offer the best in luxury for wine-lovers. Each of these gorgeous properties is renowned for superb service and brilliant creativity.

Want to taste rare wines, explore ancient cellars, experience exclusive wine clubs or even own a personal vineyard plot? These experiences, combined with exquisite restaurants, spas, art and natural beauty make these ten hotels some of the most desired Luxury Wine Country Hotels

Making Wine With The Languedoc Outsiders
May 23, 2016, Palate Press

Languedoc rests in a diverse terroir cradled by the Mediterranean and capped by the Pyrenees Mountains. Spanning three French départements, the region encapsulates 18 appellations. Wines made here comprise various combinations of soil, grapes and climate. This puzzle of circumstances bows deeply to vignerons who are willing see these inconsistent influences as abundance rather than inhibition.

Les Outsiders Culivent Leurs Différences
May 23, 2016, Courrier International

Published in print with Languedoc supplement.

Languedoc rests in a diverse terroir cradled by the Mediterranean and capped by the Pyrenees Mountains. Spanning three French départements, the region encapsulates 18 appellations. Wines made here comprise various combinations of soil, grapes and climate. This puzzle of circumstances bows deeply to vignerons who are willing see these inconsistent influences as abundance rather than inhibition.

Apr 6, 2016, Provence WineZine

The Vins de Provence annual tasting competition took place on Thursday, March 31, 2016 at the Maison des Vins Côtes de Provence in Les Arcs sur Argens in the Var Department. Nearly 700 wines were sampled by the tasting panel which comprised over 150 ODG-approved (Organisme de Défense et de Gestion) judges from the wine industry including trained tasters from the Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation sur le Vin Rosé. The tasting and competition is organized each year by Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence (CIVP).

Fenn Valley Vineyards
Feb 12, 2016, American Winery Guide

We stopped into Fenn Valley Vineyards and Wine Cellar, in Southwest Michigan, on an afternoon when lake effect snow had fallen and temperatures were low. We were welcomed into the warm and bustling tasting room by Amy, who provided us tasting menus and glasses as well as her offer to answer our questions and chat with us about Fenn Valley.

Maision M. Chapoutier Buys Château des Ferrages in Provence
Feb 7, 2016, Provence WineZine

publication descriptionLegendary Rhône wine estate, Maison M. Chapoutier recently announced an acquisition of the Provençal domaine, Château des Ferrages.

Domaine Les Valdons’ Petit Marché de Noël Authentique
Dec 11, 2015, Provence WineZine

If you will be anywhere near Cucuron on December 19th, visit Domaine Les Valdons for their Petit Marché de Noël Authentique. Proprietors Maryline and Louis-Michel Bremond invite all to enjoy a collection of local produce including foie gras, custom-order Christmas poultry, white pudding, fruits and vegetables, chocolate, honey, nougat and, of course, wine and even champagne.

Mirabeau en Provence Completes Final Assemblage of 2015 Rosé Cuvées
Dec 8, 2015, Provence WineZine

Mirabeau en Provence wines come with an inspiring story. The label’s founders, Stephen and Jeany Cronk, realized their dream of opening a winery in Provence when they resettled in Cotignac in 2009.

A Belated Salut to the Winemakers of Les Baux-de-Provence
Sep 30, 2015, Provence WineZine

This summer the winemakers of Les Baux-de-Provence celebrated their 20-year anniversary as an appellation. The winemakers group, Les Vignerons de Baux, hosted a party at the Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Baux (a medieval commune famous for its towering citadel).

Maison Joseph Drouhin in Beaune, Burgundy
Jul 23, 2015, The Good Life France

In the late 1880’s a young wine merchant named Joseph Drouhin from Chablis traveled deeper into Bourgogne to the town of Beaune. On arrival, he was impressed by the historical cellars that rest beneath the town. Four generations have passed since Joseph came to Beaune and in that time Maison Joseph Drouhin has become a global wine presence with an incredible story of heritage and excellence and those wine cellars are now part of the Drouhin estate.

The Speed of Stopping {Fiction}
Apr 1, 2015, Gravel Magazine

On fishing, physics, and life’s intangibles.

“Back when his girls were girls, with fluffy pink rugs on their bathroom floor, Burgundy wasn’t much of a second-guesser. He was a richly confident physicist with work at the university. He golfed. They went to the club. Even when there were questions of the girls smoking or skipping school (and there were always questions, wink-wink), Burgundy hadn’t worried about His Girls. They weren’t that kind of a family. And anyway (so lovely were His Girls) if they would have been that kind of family they would have worn it well. Being well-paid, occupied and cohesively married does wonders for a man’s confidence.”

What You Can Learn About Wine From Drinking With The French
Feb 27, 2015, VinePair

publication descriptionDrinking wine in France reminds me of eating lobster in Maine. For many Americans, French wine and lobster mean white tablecloths, snotty staff and confusing methods – Oh, and wallet-busting expensive. But the reality is drinking wine in France or eating lobster in Maine is practically effortless. And, delicious. Of course, delicious.

{Domaine des Terres Blanches} In the Predominantly Organic Appellation of Les Baux-de-Provence
Feb 14, 2015, Provence WineZine

The winery lies in the small appellation, Les Baux-de-Provence (where the winemakers have petitioned that organic viticulture be part of the appellation requirements). This appellation is part of the Provence wine region, but the wines are as characteristic of the Rhône Valley as they are of Provence.

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety
Feb 1, 2015, publication descriptionTrailhead Magazine

A typical argument for maintaining stress in our life is that it’s inescapable. That the problems and circumstances we face are the cause of stress. However, a deep and honest look will reveal that it’s indeed our thought patterns that evoke the stress and anxiety, not the conditions themselves. Many of us defend our stress habits by rightfully pointing out that our conditions cause suffering, not peace. Or that inattention to stress is also inattention to responsibility. Yoga provides an escape from this circular thinking.

French Wines to Serve with Dessert
Nov 15, 2014, The Good Life France

The holiday table is one of the most inviting spaces ever to be experienced. Jill Barth looks at how to enjoy French dessert wines at this festive time of year.

Missing Meredith (fiction)
Oct 27, 2014, National Public Radio, WUIS

Le Vendage Wine Harvest in France
Oct 10, 2014, The Good Life France

Vineyard visits during the harvest season, known as le vendage, can be great but make sure you time your trip right if you want to see the grapes being picked and join in the fun

Inspired by the Wines of Provence
Jun 24, 2014, The Good Life France

Inspired by the wines of Provence, a US visitor seeks out a winemaker in St. Remy-de-Provence.

The Joy of Family Yoga
May 1, 2014, Trailhead Magazine

Flip the calendar; seven years have gone by since that first kid yoga class. And in those seven years we’ve adopted a different style of yoga: Family Yoga. It’s a way of life, one that we learn bit by tender bit. It’s not a pay-and-drop-them-off arrangement. I teach them, they teach me, our loving teachers guide us all.

French Style Party Ideas
Dec 15, 2013, The Good Life France

How to add some French style to your festive event, whether its for Christmas, a birthday or any other reason to celebrate – The Good Life France’s very own wine expert Jill Barth shares her top tips to help you with her French style party ideas…

Yoga in France
Oct 13, 2013, The Good Life France

Yoga is a growing ever more popular in France, from huge giant scale gatherings under the Eiffel Tower to classes in chateaux, festivals and workshops. There is something about the French way of life that lends itself to the practice of yoga in France says Jill Barth…

Great French Wines. Is it all about labels?
Aug 22, 2013, The Good Life France

It’s unromantic, pouty: Labels, methods, classifications and designations… not the most loveable aspects of wine says wine writer Jill Barth…

How the French Find Joie de Vivre in Daily Life
Jul 19, 2013, The Good Life France

“She wanted to live, and live fully, and to give life, she who loved life! What was the good of existing, if you couldn’t give yourself?”

― Émile Zola, The Joy of Life

Joie de vivre. A love of life. Joy in living.

Appreicating wine history turns wine drinkers into wine lovers
Jun 19, 2013, The Good Life France

One of the pleasures of French life is finding renewed enjoyment in a lovely bottle of wine. Toasting a remarkable glass of French wine with loved ones is a most desirable experience, but knowing the history of the wine elevates the moment says Jill Barth…

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