2019 Wine Goal: Try Sauvignon Blanc From Uruguay

Uruguay White wine

Photo Credit: Jill Barth

Sauvignon Blanc from Uruguay over-delivers on value, freshness and flavor. It’s affordable, interesting, food-friendly and delicious— balanced white wine for any season.

Where Is It?

Uruguay is located in South America, a country of just under 3.5M people nestled between neighbors Argentina to the west and Brazil to the east. The southern border of the country is coastal, shared with the mouth of the Rio de la Plata and the wide-open Atlantic Ocean into which it empties.

On the opposite side of the river lies Buenos Aires, a ferry ride away. The capital city is Montevideo which is located on the mid-Atlantic coast—drive a couple of hours east and experience Punta del Este, a beach resort city popular with jet-setters around the globe.

Where to Learn More?

I had the opportunity to visit Uruguay recently and in the course of the trip, I met the nation’s top sommelier, Federico de Moura, four-time award winner as determined by his professional organization. De Moura shared the past and present of this French-origin variety and I was invited to sample it in most of the wineries I visited.

For more on the subject, turn to my recent Forbes digital article: Why It’s Time To Try Sauvignon Blanc From Uruguay.

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