Biodynamic and Organic Stories on Forbes

I’ve had the opportunity to cover several aspects of biodynamic and organic winemaking recently on Forbes. I try to cover biodynamics as much as I can, and I’d like to be sure readers of L’Occasion know these stories are available. Thanks for reading, here or at Forbes, and for sharing your stories with me.

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Alois Lageder: Biodynamic Winemaking In Italy’s Alto Adige

Alois Lageder is a 54 hectare (135 acre) family winery in the stunning Alto Adige region of Italy. Here, every function is carried out biodynamically. “Quality is the fruit of many individual, mostly small, often unpredictable details. By paying close attention we can recognize these hidden connections,” says a video produced by the family.

Organic Vineyards Protect Bird Populations, And Birds Return The Favor

A recent study out of the Penedès wine region in Catalonia reveals that organic vineyard farming has a positive impact on bird communities, particularly insectivorous birds, controllers of pests in the vineyard. A rich soil and leaf environment allows for life to flourish, that life feeds species at the next level and onward. While it’s true that some birds are detrimental for the vines (particularly those that swarm and gorge on grapes) one of the viable solutions to that problem is encouraging an environment hospitable to predatory birds such as owls and raptors. Biodiverse balance, which is inherent to nature, is the essential ‘treatment’ in the organic vineyard mix.

Growing Enthusiasm For Organic And Biodynamic Products At 2019 Millésime Bio Wine Fair

Millésime Bio is the world’s leading professional-only organic wine fair—and it’s growing—with a 10% increase in attendance over 2018. Winemakers and members of the wine trade gathered together last month in Montpellier, France to experience the products of over 1,200 exhibitors from 22 countries. The 2019 event marks the 26th year for the gathering, founded in 1993 by Sudvinbio and Occitanie winemakers.

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One thought on “Biodynamic and Organic Stories on Forbes

  1. Support for bio-dynamic / organic agriculture has to be applauded and nurtured. In Italy in particular, an environmental audit points to encroaching toxic dumping with a lack of infrastructure in place to protect these courageous agriculturalists. How are they dealing with this?


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