Wine Jobs: What’s It Like To Be A Consulting Winemaker?

Sonoma-based consulting winemaker Katy Wilson in the vineyard.COURTNEY DAWN PHOTOGRAPHY

Ever wanted to work in the wine industry? One of the most notable jobs in the field is that of a winemaker. A unique facet of this vocation includes the role of a consulting winemaker, skilled professionals engaged to provide expertise — from broad to highly specific — to a winery team.

Of course, understanding how to make wine is a prerequisite. Added to that, success in this job depends on superb communication skills, the ability to contribute to a team, flexibility and experience with various vineyard settings and cellar conditions. This workforce is tied to a desire to make great wine, yes, but also to be of service to their clients.

Sonoma-based Katy Wilson crafts wine under her own label, LaRue Wines — a 500-case portfolio of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Chardonnay — which she founded at age 26, while working at the time as associate winemaker at Kamen Wines. Meanwhile, she serves as consulting winemaker for Anaba Wines, Claypool Cellars, Reeve Wines and Smith Story Wine Cellars.

To read the full story, please head over to Forbes. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Wine Jobs: What’s It Like To Be A Consulting Winemaker?

  1. What a fascinating look inside her day. It’s busy! Tasting, smelling calls on the road and lots of driving! I can’t imagine keeping track of the different styles for each client. That’s a lot of wine to make! This really makes me want to do a tasting covering all the wines she makes to see the similarities and differences.


  2. Wow what a great read Jill and how impressive is it that Katy keeps up with it all. That’s one busy and very long day. I hope she gets some time to rest and relax!


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