Take A Loire Valley Summer Escape With The French Winophiles


Loire Valley wine route. Photo Courtesy: Vins du Val de Loire

Guess the wine region

Most of wines from this region are not blends, but rather made from a single grape variety.

There are 51 appellations in this French growing area, which is comprised of five regions.

Cabernet Franc, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Melon de Bourgogne are some of the most renowned grapes grown in this area.

Distinct from many other growing regions in France, this spot extends from west to east (rather than from north to south).

Sauvignon blanc, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé

A range of wine from France’s Loire Valley. Photo Credit: Jill Barth

If you think the you know the answer (or want to learn the correct response) then you should join the French Winophiles next month as we escape daily life for a virtual trip France’s Loire Valley. This will be a robust and varied conversation about the food, wine, and travel opportunities in this region because we are running the event as a writer’s choice. No specific wine, no common samples, no strict theme.

We are all seeking a little freedom and fresh air and the place to do it is the Loire Valley. Care to join us? Pop onto Twitter at 10am Central Time on Saturday, August 15, 2020. Find the hashtag #Winophiles and share your experiences, questions, memories. It’s all about the Loire Valley, and everyone is invited!

Here’s the Table of Contents
  • Muscadet is Not Muscat, Gabure Bigourdane, and (Our Version of) Faire Chabròl | Culinary Adventures with Camilla
  • Thierry Michon and Domaine Saint Nicolas – Biodynamic Loire Wines #Winophiles |Savor the Harvest
  • Savennières and Vouvray: Two Tastes of Loire Valley Chenin Blanc | The Swirling Dervish
  • Sweet Wines from the Loire | Avvinare
  • Made it to Dessert with a Vouvray | Keep the Peas
  • A Vineyard Visit: Organic Clos du Tue-Boeuf with Thierry Puzelat and his Sauvignon Blanc paired with a savory summer tart | Wine Predator
  • Turkey and Cabbage Skillet Recipe with Pouilly-Fumé | Cooking Chat
  • Enjoying Summer Food with Chinon Wine and a Fun Book | A Day in the Life on the Farm
  • Cooking to the Wine: “Brendan Stater-West Saumur Les Chapaudaises and Chicken Thighs with Apples and Onions | Somm’s Table
  • Summer Sipping: B&G Chenin Blanc and Crispy Baked Pork Chops | Our Good Life
  • Montlouis-sur-Loire – 2 Rivers, 3 Zeros and some delicious sparkling wine #Winophiles | Crushed Grape Chronicles
  • Exploring the Loire Valley From My Balcony with #Winophiles! | The Quirky Cork
  • Funky Loire Pet Nat was born for goat cheese pizza | My Full Wine Glass
  • A Crémant de Loire, a Vouvray, and a Rosé D’anjou – I’m all set for the summer #Winophiles | Chinese Food and Wine Pairings
  • Touraine Chenonceaux in the Loire Valley – Where Wine and History Reign | Grape Experiences
  • Wine Thirsty? That’s No Problem in France’s Loire Valley | L’Occasion
Loire Valley Wines

Though not an official partner for this event, I suggest that you check out Loire Valley Wines on Facebook: @LoireValleyWineBureau / IG: @LoireValleyWine / Twitter: @LoireValleyWine / #LoireLovers.

Some of the wines appearing on L’Occasion are media samples. No compensation is ever received and opinions are my own.


13 thoughts on “Take A Loire Valley Summer Escape With The French Winophiles

  1. The Loire valley is a huge area, those bottles you put up are from the centre val de loire region but the river and wines keeps going to the Atlantic ocean in the Pays de la Loire region I was yesterday. Cheers


    1. We are taking on a huge area with this one! I’m excited to see what gems everyone finds. A few years ago we carved the Loire into regions and took months to cover it. It was great! This is just a taste.


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