Cabernet Franc Day Celebration Is Here!

Sampling Dracaena Wines this summer. Cabernet Franc + a rosé of Syrah. Photo Credit: Jill Barth

I had this memory the other day. Before I had established myself as a wine writer, I was still very interested in wine. It was a part of my life, an area I’d reserved for learning and enjoyment. Like most people, I shopped for wine (and still do) with a sense of discovery.

In this memory, I walked into a big wine store to get some bottles for Thanksgiving. A sales guy noticed me there, browsing, and asked if I needed help. I didn’t, but he asked me something like, what’s your favorite wine or what kind of wine do you like? Because I wanted to be left alone to wander the aisles I said something quick: Oh, Cabernet. He responded: Which one? And I responded: Franc.

But I knew what he meant when he asked “which” Cabernet… which Cabernet Sauvignon. But I really did love Cab Franc. In fact, one of the bottles I’d saved for Thanksgiving that year was a reserve bottle of Cabernet Franc from Round Barn Winery in Southwest Michigan. (I don’t actually see this wine in their current offerings. This was in the early 2000’s so things have possibly changed.)

Fast forward to this year. I had the opportunity to sit down screen-to-screen with a person that I’ve long admired. Someone, like me, that took a love of wine and transformed it from a hobby to a livelihood.

Lori Budd founded Dracaena Wines, along with her husband Mike, based on the potential of Cabernet Franc. The portfolio of red wines is based entirely on Cabernet Franc. Lori is the founder of #CabFrancDay, a holiday she championed so that consumers and the wine community would come together to celebrate this significant variety on December 4 each year. For all the details about Cabernet Franc, check out Get to Know Cabernet Franc a Little Better on Dracaena Wines’ blog.

It was Lori that inspired me to take part in #CabFrancDay, connecting me with two incredible producers: Unionville Vineyard in New Jersey and PEJU Winery in California. To chat with these wineries and many more, you are invited to join the #CabFrancDay chat on twitter, which starts today at 7pm central. Starting at 8pm central, each winery will take the Twitter stage for a feature moment. Join in with the hashtag: #CabFrancDay.

Both of these wines are available to buy online and they’d be perfect gifts or versatile meal pairs for the holidays. Dracaena Wines, both the current release and the reserve, are also in the virtual shop now and there is a 20% off code when you visit the site, good for December 4, 2020 only. After that, Cab Franc day is a long year away!

Unionville Vineyard Silver Lining Cabernet Franc 2019 ($27) + PEJU Winery Napa Valley Cabernet Franc 2017 ($75)

Reserve Plummer Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2018 ($45) + Classic Cabernet Franc 2018 ($34) — Both from Paso Robles, California

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