Biodynamic and Organic Stories on Forbes

I’ve had the opportunity to cover several aspects of biodynamic and organic winemaking recently on Forbes. I try to cover biodynamics as much as I can, and I’d like to be sure readers of L’Occasion know these stories are available. Thanks for reading, here or at Forbes, and for sharing your stories with me. Alois…

Gravner: ‘Nature As A Source Of Thought’

Joško Gravner’s vineyards and cellars in Oslavia—in the Friuli region of Italy, stitched to the border of Slovenia, where one of Gravner’s vineyards exists—are infused with the philosophy that “nature offers everything we need.”

Lessons from a Biodynamic Winemaker in France

The SAUREL family runs a completely biodynamic shop. “Our farm evolved progressively towards farming which respects more and more the environment, the vines, the land and the quality of our wines,” says the family.

Monterey Wines for Summertime

From the hotel and dinners in Carmel-by-the-Sea to Hahn Family Wines in the Santa Lucia Highlands to Point Lobos to Monterey Bay Aquarium to Chef Duel at Folktale to whale watching on the Blue Grand Canyon the whole visit was stunning.

Languedoc Culture: Fleur de Sel from Gruissan

Languedoc is France’s most productive wine region, responsible for 5% of the world’s wine output. Although viticulture is the dominant agricultural industry, visitors score the rare opportunity to taste some of the world’s best salt — fleur de sel — at the source site in the quaint village of Gruissan.

How the Cork Gets from a Tree to Your Bottle

The cork wine stopper is synonymous with preservation – not only of the wine in the bottle but of a way of life for cork farmers and the natural ecosystem of the forest. The process has been the same for generations because the system is a sustainable network benefiting the local economy, the environment, and the industries that utilize cork – particularly the wine industry.

Merlot: The Busy One

On my kitchen counter, at that very moment, was the collection of Merlot that I planned to feature in this post – all of which hail from either Napa or Sonoma. And I was reminded that while everything is impermanent, wine included, that wine is the essence of moments – the structure of life and vibrancy and nature and work – packaged for us to evoke the actual elements of vitality from any given spot where wine grapes can be grown.

A Château in Provence

I wrote the book before I’d been there, which may seem a backwards way to craft a novel. But by the time the book had been outlined, characters created, fictional wines made this place had begun to feel like home. My novel isn’t about this place exactly, but it is about the feeling of this…

Oysters & Sauvignon Blanc from Proud Pour

This story tells about the efforts of Proud Pour, a company working to restore oyster beds from the proceeds of their sustainably-produced Sauvignon Blanc from North Coast, California. Learning About Oysters Last January, during a southbound drive on I-55, I heard a story on the radio about the cost of checked airline baggage. A guest on…

Winemaker Rendezvous: Bernard Duseigneur of Domaine Duseigneur

  Today we welcome a rendezvous with Bernard Duseigneur, the winemaker at Domaine Duseigneur. The 30-hectare estate spans Châteauneuf du Pape, Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Laudun and Lirac. I clicked on an Instagram photo of three bottles of wine from Châteauneuf du Pape. “Wonderful,” I commented. “I’d love to try.” “If you come over here our doors are widely open…

A Frost in Burgundy: Am I Out There With the Heaters?

This month I met with a local winemaker, Susan Danenburger of Danenburger Family Vineyards. She told me a story of a cold spring season that drew her (and everyone she knows) into the vines with fires, heaters, blankets, warm water…anything that would protect the baby vines from frost damage. This technique is practical, time honored…

Sustainable Wines for Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. Ask any winegrower the number one ‘ingredient’ in their wine and they’ll answer: terroir. The land. The Earth.

This post is a roundup of some of the recent sustainable and biodynamic (biodynamique in French) wines that I’ve highlighted on L’occasion and elsewhere. (And one recommendation for the beer lovers.)

Domaine des Terre Blanches {Profile}

  I woke up this morning to my copy of Provence WineZine, introduced with this kind note from Susan Manfull, fellow wine-devotee and publisher: Please help me welcome new contributor Jill Barth to Provence WineZine. Jill is currently writing a novel about a family of vintners in France during WW II, a project that has taken her…