How the Cork Gets from a Tree to Your Bottle

The cork wine stopper is synonymous with preservation – not only of the wine in the bottle but of a way of life for cork farmers and the natural ecosystem of the forest. The process has been the same for generations because the system is a sustainable network benefiting the local economy, the environment, and the industries that utilize cork – particularly the wine industry.


The Plurality of Portuguese Wine

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to write about The Douro Boys. This is a group of winemakers from five quintas (the Portuguese term for wine estate) that have put their energy together to make wine drinkers more aware of the variety of wine coming out of their UNESCO-recognized region. “Together, they’re putting the…

The Band of Boys Bringing Attention to Douro Valley Wine

Earlier this year I was introduced to The Douro Boys when I interviewed Pedro Carvalho, one of DuVine’s local guides in Portugal. We were chatting about the food and wine of rural Portugal when The Douro Boys came up. “The Douro Boys, a network of five winemakers, are leading the charge. At each of their quintas…