My short story, Room For Two More, is out now in With Our Eyes Open Anthology. It is available on Amazon and includes a scene with two characters from my new novel. Proceeds from the book will go to two charities: Cats Protection and the Against Malaria Foundation.

My short story, What They Want, is out now in the Cat Tales AnthologyIt is available on Amazon and features a story about Jean-Pierre, one of the characters from my novel. Proceeds from the book will go to two charities: Cats Protection and the Against Malaria Foundation.

My fiction work has been featured on NPR and named a Longform Fiction Pick. My stories are also published in Gravel MagazineR U M B L E, Best of Everything Fiction Anthology, Boston Literary Magazine, Virtual Writer a literary project out of County Longford, Ireland and more.

I’ve completed my debut novel, seeking representation. My second novel is in progress.

Thanks for supporting the arts and reading independent publishers and journals.

3 thoughts on “Fiction

  1. Hi Jill
    Great blog, two questions. Where do I find your book? second one, can I use the first photo on your recent post about VinAzur ( who I plan to visit soon) as the basis for painting for my blog. It isn’t somewhere I know but it looks great.
    Thanks for blogging,I do enjoy reading it!


    1. Hi Brian — Thank you for your kind words! I’m so pleased to have you here, reading and commenting and sharing the beauty of your work!

      The photos with the bottles were all taken at my home. The ones with the vineyards (they have text) are from VinAzur. You are absolutely, positively welcome to use any of my photos as inspiration for your painting, and I’m sure VinAzur would be happy to share theirs for such an artful cause. But…then beware, I will share!! How exciting that you’ll visit VinAzur…take notes and pictures and maybe you can share your story as a guest post on L’occasion!

      Thanks you! C H E E R S.


      1. many thanks I will paint it in the next month or two and I would be pleased if you share it
        I will let you know when I get to VinAzur probably won’t be till August though
        best regards


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